The science of squash by Stafford Murray

March 01 2017

Never before has such a book been published specifically for squash – The Science of Squash is a must read for all that have any kind of interest in either science or squash.

Academic Research & athlete testimonials suggest that squash is one the most physically demanding, mentally draining & tactically challenging sports in the world. To succeed in squash requires extreme levels of fitness, optimal & specific strength, relentless psychological toughness, intelligent tactical prowess, & sublime technical proficiency to mention a few!

The Science of Squash explores how science has impacted & subsequently improved elite squash, whilst along the way, for the first time in squash history, give examples & case studies from some of the best players, coaches & sports scientist in the world of squash.

Within the book there are over 30 content contributors, 70 colour action pictures, 100 diagrams & 90,000 words bringing to life the fascinating subject of the science of squash.

At the beginning of each chapter, & within, there are quotes from some of the world’s leading players & coaches outlining their thoughts & advice on the sports science discipline subsequently reviewed & outlined in the chapter that follows.

With contributions from some of the finest academics & applied practitioners in the world of squash the eleven chapters of the book cover Physiology, Strength & Conditioning, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Performance Nutrition, Psychology, Coaching Science, Skill Acquisition & Performance Analysis.

Appealing to academics, sport science students, coaches & players, the book aims to:

Provide an overview of how sports science is currently used in elite squash & where appropriate offer sports science methodologies that could be deployed by the reader

Demonstrate how sports science techniques & interventions have impacted both coaches & players at the elite end of the sport

Provide world leading player & coach quotes, along with case studies, bringing the outlined scientific theories to life & giving examples of the positive (& sometimes negative!) implementation of sports science

“Stafford & his team have pulled together the most comprehensive book on the Science of Squash in history, this is a must read for all academics, coaches, players & squash fans alike”
Nick Matthew

“I have probably tried everything in this book! I would recommend it to anyone that wants to learn more about squash, or simply improve their own game”
Laura Massaro

“This book encompasses all that is currently relevant to our wonderful game & so much pertains also to those other most testing sports. It sets out, with forensic analyses & fascinating case studies from a litany of highly regarded experts, to give the most excellent must-have guide for the players, coaches & of course academics, & reaches into the very core of squash”
Jonah Barrington

“Sports science has undoubtedly played a huge part in the development of all successful athletes & I attribute much of my success to the advances made in this area. Squash is one of the most physically demanding sports with all players looking for marginal gains. Stafford & his colleagues have been at the forefront of this development & they certainly played a major role in my success”
Lee Beachill

“I started my career with very old school techniques in all areas of training & preparation. When I started to work with Stafford Murray & his team, this changed dramatically & meant I was able to get back to No.1 in the world rankings & go on to win double gold in my last event, the Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006. From training more intelligently to analysing my opponents, the use of science to reach the best possible results changed my career as a player”
Peter Nicol

The Science of Squash is published by Crowood & is available all leading book stores.