Tips & techniques to improve your movement on the squash court

October 13 2023

Quick and efficient movement is a key part of being a successful squash player. In this squash coaching and instruction article, we present three key training tips to help improve your movement on the squash court.

Increase Your Power: In the sport of squash, raw speed takes a back seat to explosive acceleration. Power is your ally. Strengthen your base and build squash-specific strength, an often-overlooked asset. Not only does it enhance your potency, but it also optimises your energy efficiency.

Improve Your Coordination: By observing elite squash players you will notice their lightning-fast footwork and their adeptness in making swift, short steps when approaching the ball. Training coordination and footwork may seem elusive, but by harnessing speed and agility ladders, widely used in field sports, you can sharpen your footwork skills.

Real-Time Practice: To truly refine your movement, bridge the gap between drills and real-game scenarios. Ghosting, a quintessential squash-specific drill, is essential. Tailor your approach: alternate between 'conditioning' ghosting and 'technical' ghosting to focus on different aspects. Gradually reintroduce the ball, with a coach or squash training partner feeding at a slower pace. As your comfort and proficiency grow, transition to match-specific tempos.

Incorporate these techniques and you will improve your movement exponentially on the squash court, mirroring the prowess of the world’s leading squash players competing on the Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Tour.

Your path to improving or indeed mastering squash good squash movement begins here!