Refund policy


Customers ordering products/goods from, please be aware the information for the specific product/s in particular, but not limited to information on features, selection, maintenance and use of products as well as security of products are displayed on our website and in the warranty policies and guidelines below.

1. UNSQUASHABLE liability applies explicitly to the obligations and liabilities described under the terms of the UNSQUASHABLE Warranty Policy unless otherwise dictated by law.

2. Products which are proven to fall under the terms of the UNSQUASHABLE Warranty Policy will either be repaired or replaced by UNSQUASHABLE. UNSQUASHABLE is free to choose which solution best applies.

3. UNSQUASHABLE has the right to replace product of similar value if the original product is no longer available and/or is too costly to repair.

4. Excluded from the Warranty are all damages due to transport or improper storage of the product. Damage which occurs due to improper use or lack of and improper care of products, adjustment, damages due to sharp objects, torsion, compression or from dropping the object are excluded from Warranty. Any damage caused by abuse or improper use, adjustment or maintenance as well as normal wear and tear are not covered by Warranty.

5. Warranty isn’t applicable if:

a. The product has been repaired with unauthorised replacement parts.
b. The serial number on the product has been removed, altered or made illegible.
c. In no event shall UNSQUASHABLE be liable for incidental or consequential damages, whether the claim is based upon contract, warranty, negligence or product liability, including without limitation, loss to property other than the product itself, loss of use of any property, or other economic losses. Neither UNSQUASHABLE nor any UNSQUASHABLE authorised distributor or dealer shall be liable for contribution or indemnification, whatever the cause.
d. As legally permitted, no Warranty claims may not be transferred or reassigned to another person.

6. The product has been changed or repaired by a person other than UNSQUASHABLE.

7. Below are the terms of Warranty specific to rackets:

a. Any racket that has a frame crack without excessive/no visible wear will be covered under Warranty.
b. Racket handles or shaft breakages that have little to no impact evidence or don’t shows signs of excessive damage results in being covered under warranty.
c. Cracks in a racket which is accompanied by excessive wear, including loss of paint and wear around the bumper guard, will be considered as caused by strong impact and therefore deemed as a result of racket abuse and will not be covered under warranty.
d. Manufacturing defects typically result in single frame cracks, so multiple frame cracks will not be covered under Warranty.
e. UNSQUASHABLE does not offer Warranty on any string wear/breakages or broken, cracked or snapped bumper-grommet strips.
f. UNSQUASHABLE Warranty does not cover rackets that have broken due to improper re-stringing or broken during the process of re-stringing. UNSQUASHABLE recommend that rackets are only strung by certified squash stringers.
g. Butt Caps that become lose or detached aren’t covered by UNSQUASHABLE Warranty. The Butt Cap can easily be repaired by removing the grip and either stapling or gluing the Butt Cap back into place.

8. Any product that is outside the above terms of Warranty will be returned.

If you require any further information, please email