The importance of restringing your squash racket

October 23 2023

As we have explained in an earlier article, squash strings are the engine of your racket with up to 50% of the performance of your squash racket coming from your strings.

Despite this staggering fact, most squash players, from professionals to club players, overlook the importance of selecting the best squash string to suit their style of play and underestimate the importance of correctly maintaining their squash strings in optimising the performance of their racket. By understanding and considering all factors related to squash string, from string tension, string gauge and string construction, you can ensure that your squash racket will perform at its best and thereby provide you with a competitive advantage over your opponent.

As a general rule, squash players should restring their squash racket throughout the year as many times as they play each week – i.e. for squash players who play at least three times a week, it is advisable that they restring their rackets a minimum of three times annually to ensure optimal performance.

Over time, squash racket strings lose their elasticity and even if you play squash less frequently you should still aim to restring your racket at least a couple of times a year to gain maximum performance from your racket.

Below is a brief guide to restringing your squash racket which provides insights into the key factors to consider.

String Tension:
Each squash racket typically comes with a recommended string tension, often indicated on the racket's throat.

There is a common misconception that higher string tension translates to more power, but the reverse is true. A higher or tighter string tension provides increased control while sacrificing power. Think of the string as a trampoline: when the ball impacts the racket, it "catches" and propels the squash ball back with greater force. Most squash rackets are restrung within the 24-30 lbs range.

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String Gauge:
The thickness or gauge of a squash string has a significant impact on the levels of performance (string responsiveness) and durability (the length of time you can play with the strings before they break) of the squash string you select.

Thinner squash strings offer superior performance (power, control and feel) but are less durable, potentially necessitating more frequent restrings. Thicker strings are more durable but can be less responsive and offers less performance – i.e. less power, control and feel.

Squash strings typically range from 1.10mm to 1.30mm in thickness. Although thicker strings are available, they are better suited for tennis or racketball rackets.

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String Construction:
Various types of strings are available for squash rackets.

Squash strings made from natural gut are known for their superior resilience and tactile qualities, however they are generally more common in tennis rackets and can be very expensive as well as not being very durable.

Most squash rackets come pre-strung with synthetic strings, available in various forms such as monofilament (single solid piece), multifilament (multiple intertwined pieces) or nylon.

Many professional squash players opt to restring all their squash rackets with the same string and at a consistent tension. Some may employ a thicker gauge for training and a thinner gauge for match play. Racket strings may require replacement even if they haven't broken, as they gradually lose elasticity over time.

Discovering the ideal string tension for your squash racket to complement your own unique playing style may involve some trial and error. It is prudent to keep records of the selected string type and tension each time you restring your squash racket, facilitating the ability to maintain peak performance in the future.

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