December 29 2017

The UNSQUASHABLE STRIKE Ti. squash racket incorporates many of the latest UNSQUASHABLE technological innovations developed through thoughtful engineering, originality and craftsmanship.

Headsize: 500 sqcm
DynamicWeight™: 160 grams
Balance: Even
Construction: Titanium Alloy
Fan String Pattern: 14 x 20
Length: 68.5 cm (27 inches)
U-Profile Frame Design
Double String Power Design
Available in Yellow, Blue & Orange
No Racket Cover

The frame of the UNSQUASHABLE STRIKE Ti. squash racket is made from a mix of graphite and aluminium and weighs 160 grams.

A unique fan string pattern, whereby strings run in a fan shape with two strings coming out of each opening in the bottom of the racket, makes it easy to hit the ball hard for more power. The small openings between the strings give you enough precision to play the ball into the target.

Furthermore, the UNSQUASHABLE STRIKE Ti. squash racket is very forgiving and comfortable to play with even when hitting the ball close to the frame.

The UNSQUASHABLE STRIKE Ti. squash racket comes without a cover.