Aly Abou Eleinen reflects on his breakthrough 2022/23 season & sets ambitious goals for the future

August 06 2023

Aly Abou Eleinen, fresh out of Penn University in Philadelphia, enjoyed a remarkable first full season on the PSA World Tour during the 2022/23 campaign. The 23-year-old Egyptian wasted no time in making a name for himself, securing notable victories over Victor Crouin at the PSA World Championships and Youssef Soliman at the Oracle NetSuite Open.

In his debut season as a full-time professional squash player, Abou Eleinen left a significant impact, reaching the last 16 in three PSA Platinum events and advancing to round three of the PSA World Championships in Chicago. Furthermore, he demonstrated his prowess by securing three finals berths, ultimately clinching victory in two tournaments: the Bremer Schlüssel in Germany and London Open in England.

In an exclusive interview with the Professional Squash Association (PSA), Aly Abou Eleinen reflects on his remarkable journey & expresses his gratitude for the incredible ride he experienced on the PSA World Tour.

Embracing the lifestyle of a globetrotting athlete, he described it as a dream come true, and the invaluable experiences on the PSA World Tour has allowed him to grow both as a player and as an individual. The constant challenges of competing against the world's finest players in different venues around the globe fueled his determination to improve continuously and cherish the privilege of pursuing his dream job.

Throughout the season, Aly Abou Eleinen discovered that success at the highest level of the sport demands more than just talent and hard work. He highlighted the importance of discipline, mental toughness, and unwavering self-belief as crucial ingredients for triumphing on the professional circuit. Embracing these qualities has become his daily mission, propelling him forward in his quest for greatness.

Ali Abou Eleinen's accomplishments, reaching the round of 16 in several prestigious Platinum events and the PSA World Championships, brought him immense satisfaction and boosted his confidence. However, he remains hungry for further success and is determined to strive for the latter stages of tournaments in the upcoming season.

Praise from fellow players, including Victor Crouin, who believes Abou Eleinen is on the cusp of breaking into the top 10, serves as added motivation. The two players engaged in thrilling five-game battles, and their competitive spirit is intertwined with mutual respect and good sportsmanship.

As the new 2023/23 squash season looms on the horizon, Abou Eleinen is keenly aware of the significance of a well-rounded support team. Under the guidance of his Head Coach, Hesham El Attar, he has spent countless hours analysing matches and refining his game. El Attar's mentorship has proven invaluable, focusing on uncovering Aly's strengths and developing strategic shot selection against different opponents.

Recognising the importance of top-tier fitness to compete with the best, Abou Eleinen has collaborated closely with his fitness coach, Walid Elmossalamy, to strengthen his physical capabilities ahead of the grueling season ahead. Beyond physical training, the emerging star has also enlisted the expertise of Jesse Engelbrecht, his mental coach, who is helping him cultivate a process-oriented mindset and establish positive daily habits.

With only four weeks remaining until the season kicks off in Paris, Ali Abou Eleinen and his dedicated team are eagerly anticipating the challenges that lie ahead. Driven by the growth and preparation during the summer, he is counting down the days to embark on a new chapter in his burgeoning professional career.

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