Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Squash Shoes

On this page you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions about UNSQUASHABLE squash shoes. If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please email and a member of our sales team will be happy to help.

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What is the difference between the different type of UNSQUASHABLE squash shoes?
UNSQUASHABLE offer three different types of squash shoes which are referred to as TOUR-TEC (for maximum stability and cushioning), FAST-TEC (for maximum speed and agility) with the third option, CROSS-TEC providing an amalgam or combination of the TOUR-TEC and FAST-TEC designs to offer an ideal combination of the two.

Which UNSQUASHABLE squash shoes provide the most cushioning?
UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC shoes provides maximum cushioning, stability and the highest levels of comfort to allow players to move as efficiently as possible without the worry of injury. Cushioning helps soften the impact with the court floor and our unique ‘U-FOAM’ cushioning in the rear and forefoot of our TOUR-TEC shoes ensures a ‘softer’ and more comfortable player experience with every lung and movement.

What advise can you give in helping to select the correct shoesize?
All UNSQUASHABLE squash shoes are designed and manufactured using the same sizing across all styles of shoe.

Squash requires quick and agile movement which can be very demanding on your feet. Our size guide will allow you to select your correct shoe size in four simple steps, which will allow you to perform at your best and gain maximum enjoyment on court.

STEP 1: Place a blank sheet of paper under your feet. Stand up straight and have your heel lightly touching against the wall.

To measure the length of your feet from heel to toe, have someone to mark the end of the longest toe and the back of your heel on the sheet with a pen or pencil.

STEP 3: Repeat the steps for both feet and refer to our size chart to select the correct size.

STEP 4: Finally, add 1 to 1.5 centimetres to the length. This will give you the correct length to match with our shoe size guide. This extra space gives your feet room to warm up & expand when playing squash.

UNSQUASHABLE Squash Shoe Size Guide (CM, EU, UK & US):
23.00 CM: EU37 I MEN'S UK 3.5 I MEN'S US 4.5 I WOMEN'S UK 4 I WOMEN'S US 6
23.50 CM: EU37.5 I MEN'S UK 4 I MEN'S US 5 I WOMEN'S UK 4.5 I WOMEN'S US 6.5
24.00 CM:
25.00 CM: EU39 I MEN'S UK 5 I MEN'S US 6 I WOMEN'S UK 5.5 I WOMEN'S US 7.5
25.25 CM: EU40 I MEN'S UK 6 I MEN'S US 7 I WOMEN'S UK 6.5 I WOMEN'S US 8.5
25.50 CM: EU40.5 I MEN'S UK 6.5 I MEN'S US 7.5 I WOMEN'S UK 7 I WOMEN'S US 7
26.00 CM: EU41.5 I MEN'S UK 7 I MEN'S US 8 I WOMEN'S UK 7.5 I WOMEN'S US 9.5
26.50 CM: EU42 I MEN'S UK 7.5 I MEN'S US 8.5 I WOMEN'S UK 8 I WOMEN'S US 10
27.00 CM: EU42.5 I MEN'S UK 8 I MEN'S US 9 I WOMEN'S UK 8.5 I WOMEN'S US 10.5
27.50 CM: EU43.5 I MEN'S UK 8.5 I MEN'S US 9.5 I WOMEN'S UK 9 I WOMEN'S US 11
28.00 CM: EU44 I MEN'S UK 9 I MEN'S US 10 I WOMEN'S UK 9.5 I WOMEN'S US 11.5
28.25 CM: EU44.5 I MEN'S UK 9.5 I MEN'S US 10.5 I WOMEN'S UK 10 I WOMEN'S US 12
28.50 CM: EU45 I MEN'S UK 10 I MEN'S US 11
29.00 CM: EU46 I MEN'S UK 10.5 I MEN'S US 11.5
29.50 CM: EU46.5 I MEN'S UK 11 I MEN'S US 12
30.50 CM: EU48 I MEN'S UK 12 I MEN'S US 13
31.00 CM: EU49 I MEN'S UK 13 I MEN'S US 14

Which are the lightest UNSQUASHABLE squash shoes?