Rory Stewart reaches 2023 Springfield Scottish Squash Open quarter-finals

September 22 2023

Rory Stewart was denied a place in the semi-finals of the 2023 Springfield Scottish Squash Open by Edmon Lopez of Spain at the Inverness Tennis and Squash Club.

Lopez, the 2019 Scottish Open Champion, faced off against the top seeded Scot in a gruelling contest that saw the two players locked in fierce competition during the opening two games. The Spaniard managed to secure both closely contested games 17-15 after enduring a barrage of game balls from both players. As the match progressed, it became evident that Stewart was beginning to falter, with errors creeping into his game. Meanwhile, Lopez remained resolute, to eventually clinch the final crucial points and secure a 66-minute 17-15 17-15 11-7 victory that saw him advance to the semi-finals where he will face Kareem El Torkey of Egypt.

Another thrilling quarter-final match saw unseeded players Kareem El Torkey and Miles Jenkins, both of whom had already caused upsets in the first round, engage in an intense battle during the first two games, but as the Englishman, Miles Jenkins, began to show signs of fatigue, the 19-year-old Egyptian sensation, Kareem El Torkey, gradually seized control of the match. The culmination of this captivating encounter was nothing short of spectacular, with Kareem El Torkey diving across the court on match point to deliver a breathtaking winner down the line, leaving Miles Jenkins in disbelief.

In the other half of the draw, the second-seeded Ben Smith of England and the third-seeded Daniel Poleshchuk of Israel are poised to clash in what promises to be another highly anticipated semi-final battle.

In a closely contested three-game quarter-final match, Daniel Poleschuk emerged as the first semi-finalist, overcoming James Peach of England. Although the Englishman started strongly in the opening game, Poleschuk managed to level the score at 8-8 before ultimately clinching the game. He maintained narrow leads throughout the following two games, ultimately securing his spot in the semi-finals with a 40-minute 11-9 11-9 11-6 win.

The second seed, Ben Smith, engaged in an entertaining three-game duel with his long-time junior rival, Sam Buckley, before securing a place in the last four win an impressive 45-minute 11-4 11-8 11-7 victory.

Springfield Scottish Squash Open 2023, Inverness Tennis and Squash Club, Inverness, Scotland
Men’s Quarter-Finals:
[9/16] Edmon Lopez (ESP) bt [1] Rory Stewart (SCO) 17-15, 17-15, 11-7 (66m)
[9/16] Kareem El Torkey (EGY) bt [9/16] Miles Jenkins (ENG) 11-9, 9-11, 11-5, 11-2 (52m)
[3] Daniel Poleshchuk (ISR) bt [5] James Peach (ENG) 11-9, 11-9, 11-6 (40m)
[2] Ben Smith (ENG) bt [8] Sam Buckley (IRL) 11-4, 11-8, 11-7 (45m)

Rory Stewart secured his place in the quarter-finals of the Springfield Scottish Squash Open 2023 with a clinical 11-9 11-6 11-9 victory over Sean Conroy of Ireland on the second day of the competition being staged at the Inverness Tennis and Squash Club.

The top seed and home favourite, who is the only remaining seeded player in the top half of the men’s draw, breezed through his 2nd round match in just 33 minutes and will face a challenging quarter-final match against 2019 Scottish Open Champion Edmon Lopez of Spain.

Fellow UNSQUASHABLE player Iván Pérez was beaten 11-6 9-11 11-3 11-8 by Egypt’s Kareem El Torkey in a tough 60-minute 2nd round match.

In other 2nd round matches, two other seeds met their unexpected exits. Alasdair Prott from Inverness was defeated in four games by England's Miles Jenkins. Meanwhile, Edmon Lopez, the former top-50 player produced an impressive performance to beat sixth seed Perry Malik.

In the lower half of the draw, Ben Smith and James Peach maintained their quest for an all-English semi-final showdown. Ben Smith, seeded second, left no room for a repeat of New Zealand's Joel Arscott's heroic first-round victory, clinching a 3-0 win in under 45 minutes.

James Peach, on the other hand, faced a challenging match, trailing by a game in his round-two encounter against compatriot Stuart McGregor. Nevertheless, the Englishman staged a remarkable comeback and is now set to confront the third seed, Daniel Poleshchuk, in the quarter-finals.

Springfield Scottish Squash Open 2023, Inverness Tennis and Squash Club, Inverness, Scotland
Men’s 2nd Round:
[1] Rory Stewart (SCO) bt [9/16] Sean Conroy (IRL) 11-9, 11-6, 11-9 (33m)
[9/16] Edmon Lopez (ESP) bt [6] Perry Malik (ENG) 13-11, 11-7, 7-11, 11-3 (51m)
[9/16] Miles Jenkins (ENG) bt [7] Alasdair Prott (SCO) 9-11, 11-9, 12-10, 11-6 (57m)
[9/16] Kareem El Torkey (EGY) bt [4] Iván Pérez (ESP) 11-6, 9-11, 11-3, 11-8 (60m)
[3] Daniel Poleshchuk (ISR) bt [9/16] Nilo Vidal (ESP) 11-3, 11-1, 11-4 (19m)
[5] James Peach (ENG) bt [9/16] Stuart MacGregor (ENG) 11-8, 7-11, 11-8, 11-7 (52m)
[8] Sam Buckley (IRL) bt [9/16] Anthony Lepper (NZL) 11-7, 11-8, 11-9 (50m)
[2] Ben Smith (ENG) bt Joel Arscott (NZL) 11-8, 11-4, 11-6 (43m)

Top seed Rory Stewart will play Sean Conroy of Ireland in his opening match of the Springfield Scottish Squash Open 2023 being staged at the Inverness Tennis and Squash Club.

Fellow UNSQUASHABLE player Iván Pérez is seeded No.4 at this year’s championship and will face Kareem El Torkey of Egypt in 2nd round match, whilst Will Salter was denied in his 1st round match by Miles Jenkins.

Springfield Scottish Squash Open 2023, Inverness Tennis and Squash Club, Inverness, Scotland
Men’s 1st Round:
[1] Rory Stewart (SCO) bye
[9/16] Sean Conroy (IRL) bt Lewis Doughty (ENG) 11-3, 11-4, 11-9 (32m)
[9/16] Edmon Lopez (ESP) bt [WC] Martin Ross (SCO) 11-4, 11-6, 11-7 (30m)
[6] Perry Malik (ENG) bye
[7] Alasdair Prott (SCO) bye
[9/16] Miles Jenkins (ENG) bt Will Salter (ENG) 11-9, 11-8, 11-8 (40m)
[9/16] Kareem El Torkey (EGY) bt [WC] John Meehan (SCO) 11-6, 11-5, 11-9 (38m)
[4] Ivan Perez (ESP) bye
[3] Daniel Poleshchuk (ISR) bye
[9/16] Nilo Vidal (ESP) bt [WC] Andrew Glen (SCO) 8-11, 11-5, 11-4, 11-4 (45m)
[9/16] Stuart MacGregor (ENG) bt Aaron Allpress (ENG) 11-8, 11-4, 11-3 (32m)
[5] James Peach (ENG) bye
[8] Sam Buckley (IRL) bye
[9/16] Anthony Lepper (NZL) bt Hasnaat Farooqi (ENG) 11-4, 7-11, 10-12, 11-3, 11-6 (51m)
Joel Arscott (NZL) bt [9/16] Robert Downer (ENG) 9-11, 16-18, 11-9, 11-8, 11-7 (117m)
[2] Ben Smith (ENG) bye

Women’s 1st Round:
[1] Georgia Adderley (SCO) bye
[9/16] Tessa ter Sluis (NED) bt [WC] Katriona Allen (SCO) 11-3, 11-8, 12-10 (24m)
[9/16] Katerina Tycova (GER) bt [WC] Robyn McAlpine (SCO) 11-6, 11-8, 11-3 (30m)
[5] Torrie Malik (ENG) bye
[7] Kaitlyn Watts (NZL) bye
Léa Barbeau (FRA) bt [9/16] Élise Romba (FRA) 11-8, 11-6, 11-9 (26m)
[9/16] Asia Harris (ENG) bt Sofia Aveiro Pita (POR) 11-3, 11-6, 11-2 (23m)
[4] Marta Dominguez Fernandez (ESP) bye
[3] Nardine Garas (EGY) bye
[9/16] Jacqueline Peychär (AUT) bt Ali Loke (WAL) 11-7, 11-5, 11-8 (31m)
[9/16] Alison Thomson (SCO) bt Hana Ismail (EGY) 9-11, 11-7, 12-10, 11-9 (52m)
[6] Alicia Mead (ENG) bye
[8] Rana Ismail (EGY) bye
[9/16] Ambre Allinckx (SUI) bt [WC] Ellie Jones (SCO) 11-6, 11-4, 11-9 (22m)
[9/16] Nour Heikal (EGY) bt Sanne Veldkamp (NED) 11-6, 11-1, 11-1 (15m)
[2] Grace Gear (ENG) bye

The 2023 Springfield Scottish Squash Open, to be staged at the Inverness Tennis & Squash Club from the 20th to 24th September, promises a thrilling showcase of squash talent, with Scotland's leading squash players and international contenders poised to captivate fans in an event brimming with excitement and fierce competition.

A strong Scottish squash contingent hold high hopes for success in this year’s event, with the top-seeded players in both the men's and women's brackets hailing from Scotland.

In the men's draw, the spotlight falls on Rory Stewart, who has been confirmed as the men’s top seed. Rory Stewart arrives at this event confident having recently defeated fellow UNSQUASHABLE player Spanish No.1 Iker Pajares Bernabeu at the QTerminals Qatar Squash Classic, the PSA World Tour Platinum event staged in Doha.

Alasdair Prott also carries the aspirations of his hometown on his capable shoulders. Seeded as the No.7 contender, Prott enters this tournament just weeks after securing his maiden PSA World Tour title in Australia.

In the women's competition, top seed Georgia Adderley aims to surpass her previous performance in this event two years ago when she faced a semi-final defeat at the hands of Gina Kennedy. Notably, Kennedy, then ranked outside the world’s top 50, went on to capture the championship and swiftly ascended the rankings, reaching a career-high of No.6 within six months of her Inverness victory, which serves as a potential source of inspiration for Adderley's campaign this year.

Adding to the competitive landscape, England's Grace Gear, who was runner-up in a memorable final against Kennedy, returns to the picturesque Scottish Highlands this year as No.2 seed. Gear spearheads a formidable quartet of English women, which includes Torrie Malik, Alicia Mead, and Asia Harris.

All four semi-final matches, along with both finals, of the 2023 Scottish Squash Open will be available for live streaming on the BBC Sport website and BBC iPlayer. Semi-final will be played across two sessions on Saturday 23rd September. Both finals will be staged following day, Sunday 24th September, from 3pm BST.