Velavan Senthilkumar is the leading player of an exciting new generation of up-and-coming young Indian players competing on the Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Tour.

Indian No.1 & Indian National Champion (2023)
Winner of 11 Professional Squash Association (PSA) titles
Indian No.1 & Indian National Champion in all junior age groups (U13 to U19)

Based at the Barcelona Global Academy (BGS) under the stewardship of Victor Monserrat, Velavan Senthilkumar, an emerging force in the world of squash who has been making significant strides in the sport since his early teens. Born IN 1998, in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India, Velavan Senthilkumar has quickly risen through the ranks, establishing himself as one of the most promising young players on the international squash circuit.

Velavan's journey in squash began at a young age, influenced by his father's passion for the sport. Under the tutelage of Cyrus Poncha and Major Maniam at the Indian Squash Academy in Chennai, he honed his skills and developed a competitive edge that would later become his hallmark. His dedication to rigorous training and his natural athleticism allowed him to excel in junior competitions, setting the stage for his future successes.

One of the defining moments of Velavan's junior career came in 2016 when he won the prestigious British Junior Open in the Under-19 category. This victory was a significant milestone, marking him as the third Indian to win this title, following the footsteps of squash legends Ritwik Bhattacharya and Saurav Ghosal. His triumph at the British Junior Open not only brought him international recognition but also solidified his status as a rising star in Indian squash.

Velavan's transition from junior to senior competitions was seamless, showcasing his ability to compete at higher levels. In 2017, he added another feather to his cap by winning the U.S. Junior Open Squash Championship. His performance at these major tournaments highlighted his technical prowess, strategic acumen, and mental fortitude, essential attributes for success in professional squash.

As a student-athlete at Columbia University in New York, Velavan balanced his academic commitments with his squash career, an impressive feat that speaks to his discipline and time-management skills. Competing in the Ivy League and representing Columbia Lions, he continued to hone his game, gaining valuable experience and exposure on the collegiate circuit. His participation in collegiate squash further refined his gameplay, contributing to his development as a well-rounded athlete.

Velavan's professional career has seen a steady climb in the PSA World Rankings. Known for his agility, precise shot-making, and tactical intelligence, he has secured several notable victories on the PSA Tour. His relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to continuous improvement are evident in his training regimen and competitive performances.

In addition to his on-court achievements, Velavan has also been an ambassador for Indian squash, inspiring a new generation of players. His journey from a young boy in Salem to an international squash player serves as a testament to his hard work, perseverance, and the support of the Indian squash community.

Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, Senthilkumar has remained focused on his goals, adapting his training and competition schedule to the evolving circumstances. His resilience and adaptability are indicative of his potential to reach greater heights in the sport.

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