Squash is a fast-paced, high-energy sport that demands ambition and dedication from its leading professional players who are amongst the fittest and committed athletes in the world.

UNSQUASHABLE is committed to developing equipment to be used by the world’s leading players because we believe that engineering equipment for professional competition makes for better product for the everyday player.

We partner only with professional players who symbolise and demonstrate our brand values and characteristics of being competitive and committed to being the best version of themselves.

Inspired by the legacy and example of Jahangir Khan, universally recognised as the world’s greatest ever player, #teamunsquashable players are amongst the finest and committed players on the Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Tour who share our values and the UNSQUASHABLE philosophy.

Our vision is to bring inspiration and innovation to every squash player in the world through one global voice and united by our passion for squash and our unique brand personality, we have sought to create a space online to share the journeys and stories of our leading #teamunsquashable players.

We welcome and invite our followers to comment and share our World Tour Highlights stories on social media by using the hashtags #UNSQUASHABLE and #beinspired which remind us that #weareunsquashable.