The world's most technically advanced specialist squash shoe

July 04 2022

By working with the world’s leading footwear designers and testing our shoes at every stage of their evolution with our growing number of professional players, we’ve sought to develop the world’s best squash shoe to allow players of all standards to perform at their best without the worry of injury.

Our journey to develop the ultimate squash shoe started with the recruitment of the world’s leading footwear designers from Sweden, through to playtesting and input from our growing number of PSA World Tour players and delivering against our promise to offer the most technically advanced specialist squash shoe that allows players of all standards and styles of play to perform to their best and avoid injury.

Have you ever felt your performance is compromised by wearing footwear designed for multi-indoor sports and not shoes specifically developed for squash?

Have you ever felt concerned that your shoes don’t give squash-specific support and cushioning which could eventually lead to injury?

Have you ever felt frustrated that when you do find a shoe you like that its been replaced by a different model when you come to buy a new pair?

Have you ever felt confused at finding the right size and fit that best suits your natural foot shape?

World Leading, Swedish Engineered Squash Shoe Design:
From the outset of this exciting project, UNSQUASHABLE have sought to work with the world’s leading footwear specialists.

Recognising the recent influence and dominance of Swedish design we sought to partner with the very best Swedish footwear designers.

Tomas Solin is an experienced Managing Director with a proven track record in all aspects of brand, marketing and sales management. Tomas has played a pivotal role throughout the entire project from conceptualisation to realisation.

Thomas Nord is recognised as arguably the leading designer of indoor footwear. Thomas has been instrumental in combining squash specific functionality and performance with timeless aesthetic appeal.

“We’re really excited to reconnect with the competitive world of squash and putting our accumulated knowledge into this beautiful UNSQUASHABLE performance squash shoe. We have taken great pride in the entire development process and are really proud of how this joint project with UNSQUASHABLE turned-out.”
Tomas Solin & Thomas Nord

Squash Playing Trends:
Comparative data from extensive analysis and studies of PSA World Tour matches over several years has shown no change in the average number of shots per rally which has remained relatively unchanged at 13 shots per rally.

However, rallies are on average 39% shorter in terms of time due to a 29% increase in attacking shots to the front of the court.

These findings support the development of lightweight performance squash shoes that allow players to move quicker and more frequently to the front of the court, with increased cushioning and stability allowing players to minimise the risk of injury from the increased forces placed on a player’s joints.

Our relentless commitment to making the world’s most technically advanced specialist squash shoe can be seen in every detail of every pair of shoes that we make.

Every aspect of product design and manufacture is the result of an uncompromising search from our designers & engineers for the marginal gains that make our UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC PRO shoe the most technically superior squash shoe available … allowing players of all standards to perform at their best without the worry of injury.

In squash everything is about lateral and medial speed, minimising the time lost and pressure added in the start and full stop sequences - the ambition has been to have this shoe become an extension of your body, supporting and enabling you throughout the game.

Rounded Heel Radius:
“To make it easier to land correctly on your heel and thereby roll smoothly in and out of the characteristic squash lunge, we have increased the radius of the heel area to provide a more efficient movement that minimises strain on your joints and Achilles”

When moving in and out of the characteristic squash lunge, your movement needs to as quick and fluid as possible. To achieve this, the heel construction and design needs to have a larger radius compared to a general multisport indoor shoe which typically have a small heel radius which means that you balance your heel on a very thin edge when moving in and out of a lunge, which creates an unstable base that can increase the risk of ankle and Achilles injuries as well as preventing a smooth and fluid movement.

In addition to the larger heel radius, the midsole has been extended to provide greater support and stability to allow a soft in-and-out lunge movement with enhanced control and agility.

AbraZone™ Hexagon Outsole Pattern:
The design of the outsole, the area of the shoe that is in contact with the floor, is critical to providing an assured grip that allows players to move with confidence, whether accelerating to the front of the court, stopping quickly or turning suddenly.

Regardless of the condition and quality of the court floor, the unique hexagonal pattern of our durable AbraZone™ outsole maximises grip through controlled suction of each hexagonal chamber, ensuring dust particles stay clear of the outsole surface where the grip properties are left in optimum condition.

Fast and agile movement is further enhanced by a natural gum rubber forefoot that perfectly complements the diagonal flex groves that allow players to retain their weight through the front of the foot to promote quicker and more explosive movement.

Carbon Torsion Unit:
A super strong, ultra-lightweight Carbon Torsion Unit arch support allows the forefoot and rearfoot to move independently to provide better surface adaptation and stability for smoother and more agile movement.

The carbon-fibre plate is situated in the arch area between the outsole and the midsole, and its shape is designed to optimise the torque properties in line with the foots biomechanics leaving you with a very well balanced shoe that provides excellent support as well delivering explosive forefoot propulsion and exceptional energy return for faster and more efficient movement.

Midsole Construction:
The midsole design and construction is pivotal for both cushioning and stability properties. An indoor performance shoe is not stronger than its weakest link, meaning all areas and properties are integrated in order to provide the customer experience required. In terms of stability the midsole side walls that reach up on both outer and inner side of foot are crucial to keep the foot in place, especially during fast lateral movements, this is a beautiful example when the wrap-around-upper properties interact with the midsole side walls to ensure stability.

Midsole U-FOAM™ Compound:
U-FOAM™ is a super lightweight EVA-foam with excellent cushioning properties and rebound energy. U-FOAM™ offers you ample cushioning while still being light and quick on the foot.

DuraZone™ Upper:
Squash is a tear and wear sport in all aspects of the meaning, gear wise as well as the physical aspect, hence the importance of maintaining your equipment as solid and functional as possible during the course of time. The squash shoe upper in general and fore foot upper inner area in particular (big toe area) is subject to heavy tear and wear, hence the development of the Tour-Tec PRO DuraZone™ upper body shell - a PU grid that is covering the entire upper and the most exposed areas has a thicker PU grid in order to better withstand the tear and wear. Another feature besides the durability aspect of the DuraWear™ is the smoothness and agility it allows for through its pattern design.

U.W.A.D. Upper Wrap Around Design:
The performance of a premium squash indoor shoe is the sum of all the features and technologies combined together. The Tour-Tec PRO upper consists of not only the DuraZone™ PU body but also The UWAD - Upper Wrap Around Design, a construction integrated into the lacing system, made to smoothly lock in the foot and keep it in place, making you feel as one with the shoe - creating stability and eliminating the risk of blisters under your feet.

Our UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC PRO has a light weight anatomically shaped insole

“Maintaining stability during lateral movements subject to fast powerful push offs is key, hence the characteristic outsole fore foot design with a wedge construction on the outer side to prevent you from rolling over and twisting your ancle, on the inner side there’s an increased radius for a smooth lateral transition”.

“The characteristic side view angle made possible by the colour blocking design provides a fast speedy look even when standing still”.

“The KPU upper, integrated into the lacing area construction, is designed to wrap around and hug the foot - creating an unmatched fit and stability”.

“The unique hexagon facetted outer sole pattern is designed to provide a unique grip, excellent traction while still allowing for desired movement that do not put too much strain on your joints.”

Development of our UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC PRO has taken over three years to ensure that it establishes itself to be a proven favourite with squash players of all standards, featuring striking new cosmetics and offering the highest levels of performance, durability and support.

Through dedication to continuous research and innovation in collaboration with our growing number of world-class players competing on the men’s and women’s PSA World Tours, UNSQUASHABLE learn the needs of modern squash players, helping to continually improve our products.

Our UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC PRO squash shoe provides players with a solid, lightweight and stable shoe with outstanding comfort, complimented by classic and contemporary styling.

The modern game requires players to be quick and agile, and the latest lightweight UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC PRO squash shoe is perfectly suited to these demands.

Our Dynamic Wrap™ technology ensures a secure and comfortable fit during fast movements and enhances comfort by creating a secure personalised fit.

‘U-FOAM’ cushioning in the rear and forefoot absorbs impact shock with increased stability, allowing for more comfortable landings, pivots and stops.

Furthermore, high-grip ABRAZONE outsole delivers enhanced cushioning, durability and security of movement.

A DuraZone™ upper increases durability and reduces overall weight without compromising stability and comfort.

The ability to change direction quickly on court is provided by our ergo sculptured natural gum rubber at the forefoot allowing enhanced traction even on a slippy surface.

Excellent lateral stability is complimented by outstanding player comfort through improved rear foot and forefoot U-FOAM cushioning.

What's different about our UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC PRO shoe?
Cushioning is just one secret ingredient of our UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC PRO shoe which helps players of all standards to perform at their best without the worry of injury.

With maximum cushioning to support every movement on court, our TOUR-TEC PRO shoe gives you the highest level of comfort to allow you to roll smoothly in & out of the characteristic squash lunge & adapt quickly, efficiently & safely to the unique movements of squash.

The more cushioning that you have underfoot, the softer & more comfortable your playing experience will be. Cushioning helps soften the impact as your feet hit the ground. Our unique ‘U-FOAM’ cushioning in the rear & forefoot of the shoe is super supportive & bouncy to give you ultimate cushioning with every stride & an even softer underfoot feel.

Our new UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC PRO shoe has been developed in partnership with the world's leading footwear designers & tested at all stages of its evolution with our growing number of professional players as part of our uncompromising search for the marginal gains to help players of all standards to perform at their best without the worry of injury.

Already recognised as one of the most popular shoes on the PSA World Tour, our TOUR-TEC PRO shoe is used by UNSQUASHABLE players Moustafa Elsirty, Iker Pajares Bernabeu, George Parker, Lucas Serme, Nick Wall, Rory Stewart, Iván Pérez, Lwamba Chileshe, Yuri Farneti, Elliott Morris Devred, Miles Jenkins, Temwa Chileshe, Joel Arscott, Will Salter & Anastasiia Kostiukova.