Joelle King reflects on a remarkable season on the PSA World Tour

July 12 2023

Joelle King of New Zealand has had a remarkable season on the PSA World Tour, winning two titles and making it to the semi-finals in nine events, including her first appearance in the final four at the PSA World Championships.

In a recent interview with the Professional Squash Assocaition (PSA)< the New Zealand No.1 reflected on her season and shared her thoughts.

Joelle King expressed her mindset going into the the recent tournament in New Zealand, recognising that it could either be overwhelming or an opportunity to embrace the pressure. She chose to focus on enjoying every aspect of the event, realising the rarity of playing in front of her home crowd.

Joelle acknowledged the significance of consistency in her season, noting that even a one-place improvement in rankings can greatly affect tournament draws. She emphasised the importance of constantly seeking improvement and making small adjustments to enhance her game, even at this stage of her career.

While recognising the challenge of defeating the top three players, Joelle appreciated the consistency they have displayed and commended the growth of other emerging players in the women's game. She acknowledged the need to find new ways to reach major finals and expressed her desire to convert semi-final appearances into victories, particularly at platinum events.

Reflecting on her disappointing performance at the Commonwealth Games, King admitted feeling heartbroken and initially reluctant to return to the squash court. However, she found the courage to overcome her disappointment and rediscovered her passion for the sport, reminding herself why she started playing in the first place.

King discussed her semi-final match against Nour El Sherbini at the PSA World Championships, expressing her pride in reaching that stage for the first time. Despite losing, she considered it one of her best performances against El Sherbini, experiencing a surge of emotions afterward. The experience made her realise that squash is not the sole focus of her life, prompting a deeper appreciation for balance and perspective.

Joel highlighted the significance of participating in a PSA World Tour event in New Zealand for the first time. Having her family, friends, and supporters in the crowd, she felt a sense of pride in being an inspiration to the next generation of squash players. Winning the title on home soil made it an exceptionally special moment for her during the season.

When asked about her favourite moment of the season, King found it difficult to choose one, as she considered the entire period from New Zealand to Singapore to Hong Kong as her best and most enjoyable stretch. However, she mentioned the satisfaction of performing well against Nour El Sherbini and defeating Nour El Tayeb 3-0 in a significant final in Singapore.

Looking ahead to the next season, King expressed her excitement about the possibility of playing in front of the Eiffel Tower, a venue she had previously mentioned as her dream location. Additionally, she eagerly anticipated returning to New Zealand, aiming to defend her title on home soil as she nears the end of her career.

Joelle King's season has been marked by success, self-reflection, and a renewed passion for the sport. She appreciates the importance of consistency, the challenges posed by top players, and the need for continual improvement. With her sights set on future tournaments, including the unique opportunity to play in iconic locations, King is motivated to continue leaving her mark on the squash world.

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