Mohamed ElShorbagy looks forward facing Mostafa Asal in pursuit of reclaiming World No.1 ranking

July 19 2023

In a recent interview with the Professional Squash Assocaition (PSA), Mohamed ElShorbagy, the World No.3 squash player, expressed his anticipation for a rematch with Mostafa Asal in the upcoming season. He also offered advice to Asal's fellow rivals, urging them to refrain from complaining on social media and instead focus on honing their skills to defeat him.

ElShorbagy reflected on his intense and memorable late-night battle with the 22-year-old Asal at the PSA El Gouna International, hailing it as one of the most enjoyable matches in his career. The match had all the elements of a classic showdown, with both players exhibiting true warrior spirits, pushing themselves to the limits during the grueling 110-minute contest.

Despite the physicality of the encounter and the occasional verbal exchanges, ElShorbagy chose not to criticise Asal's conduct as others have done. He asserted that at the top level of the game, such on-court skirmishes are to be expected, and he readily accepted them as part of the sport. In fact, he admired Asal's improved gameplay but emphasised that his focus lies on his own abilities and strategies to overcome any opponent, including Asal.

During the match, ElShorbagy demonstrated a warrior mentality, eschewing theatrics or complaints when faced with challenges. Instead, he engaged in honest and intense combat, encouraging Asal to do the same. He compared his approach to that of Ali Farag, who handled Asal's tactics by analysing how to defeat him with his team, rather than resorting to complaints.

ElShorbagy encouraged his fellow players not to dwell on grievances but rather to concentrate on finding a way to triumph over Asal. He cited the importance of perseverance, resilience, and sportsmanship, asserting that athletes must focus on the goal of victory rather than seeking validation from social media or public opinion.

The 33-year-old squash star expressed his excitement about future encounters with Asal and how he relishes the opportunity to be part of challenging matches like the one at El Gouna. He emphasised that greats of the game, such as Gregory Gaultier, Nick Matthew, Ramy Ashour and Amr Shabana, would not have resorted to social media complaints when faced with tough opponents, and he believes in embracing challenges head-on.

ElShorbagy plans to discuss his upcoming season's strategy with his coach, Gregory Gaultier, during the summer break before commencing the new season at the Paris tournament in late August. He remains resolute in his pursuit of reclaiming the world No.1 spot and eagerly awaits the opportunity to test his skills against Mostafa Asal once more.

Mohamed ElShorbagy's perspective on facing Mostafa Asal offers a valuable lesson in tenacity, respect, and determination. His call for a focused and composed approach resonates with aspiring athletes looking to improve their game and tackle formidable opponents on the squash court. Rather than resorting to complaints, ElShorbagy's advice is clear: rise to the challenge, man up, and let the game speak for itself.