Nour El Sherbini reflects on a remarkable 2022/23 season & gives an intriguing insight on various aspects of her game & mindset

July 18 2023

Nour El Sherbini, the formidable Egyptian squash sensation, enjoyed a remarkable 2022/23 season, reaching an impressive six finals out of the ten events she participated in. Notably, she clinched five titles, including the prestigious Tournament of Champions, the British Open and another PSA World Championship crown, further solidifying her position among the sport's elite.

In a candid interview with the Professional Squash Association (PSA), the seven-time World Champion reflected on her season and shed light on various aspects of her game and mindset.

When asked about her overall thoughts on the season, El Sherbini expressed her satisfaction, stating that it was a significant improvement from the previous season. She exuded pride in securing five tournament victories, with three of them being the most prestigious events of the season - an achievement that perfectly aligned with her ambitions.

A notable aspect of her game that El Sherbini worked on was her defensive skills. She acknowledged the importance of enhancing her movement to cope with the increasingly physical nature of the sport. She also mentioned her efforts to understand her body better, aiming to move more efficiently on the court to minimise the strain on her knee, which has been a concern. This newfound awareness and control over her body played a crucial role in her success throughout the season.

El Sherbini credited her improved form to finding her rhythm at the U.S. Open and gaining confidence as the season progressed. She highlighted the difference in her performance when facing Nouran Gohar in the final of the U.S.Squash Open compared to their subsequent encounters in the Tournament of Champions, British Open and the PSA World Championships, indicating her growing assurance on the court.

The Egyptian champion revealed her strategic approach in executing game plans. She emphasised focusing on her own strengths and tactics rather than obsessing over her opponents' strategies. This mindset, combined with her supreme confidence, gave her the edge in each match and propelled her to multiple triumphs.

Mour El Sherbini cherished several standout moments from the season, particularly the Tournament of Champions, which marked her first Platinum title in a while, significantly altering the trajectory of her season. The British Open final against Nouran Gohar and the Tournament of Champions semi-final against Hania El Hammamy were also memorable highlights, showcasing her mental resilience and determination to bounce back after previous defeats.

Regarding the prospect of matching Nicol David's record of eight World Championship titles and becoming the best female player of all time, El Sherbini remained humble and focused on the present. While acknowledging the media and public's expectations, she stressed the importance of taking it one tournament at a time. For her, the seventh World Championship title was a tremendous achievement in itself, and she aimed to maintain her dedication to the sport without being overwhelmed by the pressure to break records.

As for the intriguing rivalry between El Sherbini, Nouran Gohar and Hania El Hammamy, she viewed it as beneficial for the sport and a source of excitement for fans. She believed this rivalry would continue to evolve over time and bring captivating matches to the women's game.

With her exceptional talent, unwavering dedication, and an eye on her dreams, Nour El Sherbini remains an epitome of squash excellence and a player to watch as she continues to script her remarkable journey in the world of squash.

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