Nour El Tayeb reflects on her journey of self-discovery & the joy of balancing her passions on & off the squash court

July 20 2023

Egyptian squash star Nour El Tayeb enjoyed a successful season, consistently ranked within the top World's 10 and ending her 2022/23 campaign ranked World No.5.

Nour kicked off the season triumphantly with a victory at the CIB ZED Open in Cairo, setting the tone for the rest of the year. With determination and skill, she reached at least the quarter-finals in nearly all of her events, securing her spot among the top players.

In an exclusive interview with the Professional Squash Association (PSA), El Tayeb reflected on her season, acknowledging that she started with high expectations following her previous successful year. However, she has embraced the learning experience, making necessary adjustments and working closely with her coach and husband, Ali, to prepare for the upcoming season.

A particularly memorable moment for El Tayeb was her victory at the PSA Manchester Open, where she and Ali Farag both secured titles, cherishing the experience with their daughter Farida by their side. Managing motherhood alongside her professional career has been a learning curve, but El Tayeb showed great resolve and dedication to excel in both aspects of her life.

Throughout the season, El Tayeb had glimpses of her potential to challenge the top players in the world. Although there were some tough losses, she remained optimistic and motivated, aiming to become the best player she can be. She acknowledged the consistency displayed by players like Nouran Gohar, Nour El Sherbini and Hania El Hammamy, and aspires to reach that level.

Managing Farida during tournaments has improved over time, and El Tayeb now enjoys the balance between her personal life and squash. Winning the CIB ZED Open was a significant boost for her confidence, while the match against Nouran Gohar, despite the heartbreaking loss, provided her with a sense of belief in her abilities.

Working with former PSA player Engy Kheirallah has been transformative for El Tayeb. Engy's perspective on the game and life has influenced her positively, fueling her excitement and motivation for the future.

When asked about her goals for the next season, El Tayeb eschews specific numbers, preferring to focus on performance. Her primary objective is to enjoy the journey and savor every moment on the court. She recognises the fleeting nature of professional squash careers and aims to make the most of her time as a top player.

The interview also touched upon an injury El Tayeb picked up during a match against Nour El Sherbini at the season-ending PSA World Tour Finals. Despite the setback, she found confidence in her performance while managing the injury. Planning to address the issue in the preseason, she emphasises the importance of building overall physical and mental strength to compete at the highest level consistently.

Nour El Tayeb's season has been marked by resilience, self-discovery, and the joy of balancing her passions on and off the court. As she looks forward to the next season, her determination to improve and achieve her best shines brightly.

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