Professional Squash Association (PSA) unveils exciting 2023-24 PSA World Tour calendar

August 14 2023

The Professional Squash Association (PSA) has unveiled its highly anticipated calendar for the 2023-24 PSA World Tour, mapping out an exciting journey of 36 compelling tournaments spanning five continents from August 2023 to June 2024.

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Kicking off the season with a flourish, the inaugural Windsor Cup sets the stage in Canada from the 15th to 19th August. Following suit, a historic moment awaits as France hosts the Paris Squash Alpine event, marking its return to the forefront after nearly three decades since 1994. This captivating spectacle will unfold from the 27th August 27 to 2nd September, within the captivating embrace of the Palais de Tokyo, nestled beneath the iconic silhouette of the Eiffel Tower.

Notably, the Q-Terminals Qatar Squash Classic in September takes a stride forward by reintroducing a women's draw, rekindling an inclusive spirit not witnessed since 2015. The momentum surges with the prestigious U.S. Squash Open, gracing the scene in the subsequent month.

In a remarkable resurgence, the City Tattersalls Group Australian Squash Open, scheduled for November 8-12, heralds a triumphant return to the PSA World Tour, emerging as Australia's grandest squash event since 2012.

The 2023 Hong Kong Squash Open will take centre stage as 2023 draws to a close, before 2024 springs to life with the Kinetic Orange Ball Florida Open, quickley followed by the long established J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions which will grace the pristine Vanderbilt Hall at New York's iconic Grand Central Terminal.

A captivating twist unfolds in late February with the celebrated return of the Windy City Open, hosted by the Walter Family, restoring its prominent place on the calendar after the PSA World Championships temporarily took the spotlight in the prior season.

April ushers in the Egyptian leg of the PSA World Tour with the Black Ball Open and El Gouna Squash International, with the PSA World Championships reserved for May.

In June, the revered British Open will enthrall squash fans within the opulent confines of the Birmingham Rep Theatre.

Beyond the coveted trophies, each PSA World Tour event in the season fuels the enthralling battle for supremacy in the PSA World Tour Finals Leaderboard with the top eight players, men and women, earning their coveted passage to the ultimate showdown. Winners of PSA Platinum events as well as reigning PSA World Champions will secure automatic berths.

PSA World Tour Calendar (August 2023 - June 2024):
August 15-19 Windsor Cup: (PSA Bronze): Windsor, Canada
August 27 - September 2: Paris Squash Alpine (PSA Platinum): Paris, France
September 9-16: Q-Terminals Qatar Classic (PSA Platinum): Doha, Qatar
September 27 - October 1: Southwestern Open presented by Cotidié (PSA Gold): Houston, United States
October 1-5: Open Squash Classic (PSA Bronze): New York, United States
October 7-14: U.S. Open (PSA Platinum): Philadelphia, United States
October 17-22: Grasshopper Cup (PSA Gold): Zurich, Switzerland
October 23-27: QSF 4 (PSA Bronze): Doha, Qatar
November 1-5: Ace Malaysia Squash Cup (PSA Bronze): Seremban, Malaysia
November 8-12: City Tattersalls Group Australian Open (PSA Bronze): Sydney, Australia
November 14-19: VITAGEN Singapore Squash Open (PSA Gold): Singapore
November 21-25: The Hong Kong Football Club Open (PSA Bronze): Hong Kong
November 27 - December 3: Hong Kong Squash Open (PSA Platinum): Hong Kong
December 5-10: Barfoot & Thompson New Zealand Open (PSA Silver): Tauranga, New Zealand
December 5-10: Robertson Lodges New Zealand Open (PSA Silver): Tauranga, New Zealand
January 8-14: Kinetic Orange Ball Florida Open (PSA Gold): Boynton Beach, United States
January 17-25: J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions (PSA Platinum): New York, United States
January 25-29: Carol Weymuller Open (PSA Bronze): New York, United States
January 31 - February 4: Bahl and Gaynor Cincinnati Gaynor Cup (PSA Silver): Cincinnati, United States
January 31 - February 4: Sturbridge Capital Motor City Open (PSA Silver): Detroit, United States
February 6-10: DAC Pro Squash Classic (PSA Silver): Detroit, United States
February 7-11: Pittsburgh Open (PSA Silver): Pittsburgh, United States
February 13-18: Houston Men’s Open (PSA Gold): Houston, United States
February 14-18: Squash on Fire Open (PSA Bronze): Washington D.C., United States
February 21-28: Windy City Open presented by the Walter Family (PSA Platinum): Chicago, United States
March 3-7: Canadian Open (PSA Silver): Calgary, Canada
March 5-10: Cleveland Classic (PSA Silver/Bronze): Cleveland, United States
March 12-17: Optasia Championships (PSA Gold): London, England
March 19-24: London Classic (PSA Gold): London, England
April 3-7: German Open (PSA Bronze): Hamburg, Germany
April 11-16: Black Ball Open (PSA Gold): Cairo, Egypt
April 19-26: El Gouna International (PSA Platinum): El Gouna, Egypt
May 9-17: PSA World Championships
May 22-26: Manchester Open (PSA Silver): Manchester, England
June 2-9: British Open (PSA Platinum): Birmingham, England
June 24-28: PSA World Tour Finals