The world's most technically advanced specialist squash shoe

July 24 2022

By working with the world’s leading footwear designers and testing our shoes at every stage of their evolution with our growing number of professional players, we've developed the world's most technically advanced specialist squash shoe to allow players of all standards to perform at their best without the worry of injury.

Our journey to develop the ultimate squash shoe started with the recruitment of the world’s leading footwear designers from Sweden. Playtesting and input from our Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Tour players allowed us to make further refinements and improvements which has resulted in the launch of our unique UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC PRO squash shoe which we continue to evolve with input from our #teamunsquashable players and customers.

Dealing directly with our customers allows us to offer the best customer service experience and acquire valuable insights into player trends and requirements.

We are continually striving to offer the highest levels of customer service and through relationships with committed squash players, covering all aspects of their lifestyle, brand influences and preferences, and observing their playing habits, aspirations and demands, our team of squash experts have complied a comprehensive set of Squash Equipment Buying Guides to help you make a more informed buying decision when shopping online with

UNSQUASHABLE is committed to developing equipment to be used by the world’s leading players because we believe that engineering equipment for professional competition makes for better product for the everyday player.

Our aim is to inspire all squash players by offering squash specialist equipment that helps them fulfil their potential and gain maximum enjoyment from playing one of the world’s most exciting and healthiest sports.

As well as offering tips and suggestions regarding how to choose your correct size, our Squash Shoe Buying Guide will explain the technology that goes into every one of our shoes to give you the assurance of quality and craftsmanship as well as evidence why an increasing number of the world’s leading players benchmark UNSQUASHABLE squash shoes for design, engineering and quality.

We welcome your feedback should you have any suggestions how we can improve our Buying Guides or any aspect of your shopping experience and please do not hesitate to email should you require any further help or information.

Have you ever felt your performance has been compromised by wearing footwear designed for multi-indoor sports and not shoes specifically developed for squash?

Have you ever felt concerned that your shoes don’t give squash-specific support and cushioning which could eventually lead to injury?

Have you ever felt frustrated that when you do find a shoe you like that it’s been replaced by a different model when you come to buy a new pair?

Have you ever felt confused at finding the right size and fit that best suit your natural foot shape?

World Leading, Swedish Engineered Squash Shoe Design:

Recognising the recent influence and dominance of Swedish design, UNSQUASHABLE has partnered with the very best Swedish footwear designers who are recognised as the world’s leading indoor footwear specialists.

Thomas Nord is arguably the leading designer of indoor footwear and has been instrumental in combining squash specific functionality and performance with timeless aesthetic appeal.

Tomas Solin, an experienced Managing Director with a proven track record in all aspects of brand, marketing and sales management, has worked alongside Thomas Nord and played a pivotal role throughout the entire project from conceptualisation to realisation.

Player Trends:
Comparative data from extensive analysis and studies of PSA World Tour matches over several years has shown no change in the average number of shots per rally which has remained relatively unchanged at 13 shots per rally.

However, rallies are on average 39% shorter in terms of time due to a 29% increase in attacking shots to the front of the court.

These findings support the development of lightweight performance squash shoes that allow players to move quicker and more frequently to the front of the court, with increased cushioning and stability allowing players to minimise the risk of injury from the increased forces placed on a player’s joints.