Jesse Engelbrecht of SportMind speaks with Rahmat Khan … UNSQUASHABLE founder & the most successful squash coach of all time

November 11 2022

In 1997, Rahmat Khan founded UNSQUASHABLE & alongside Jahangir Khan has a unique place in the history of the brand.

In the latest SportMind podcast, Jesse Engelbrecht speaks with Rahmat Khan, the most successful squash coach of all time.

Rahmat Khan has a unique story & journey to tell & this SportMind podcast brings it to life wonderfully.

Rahmat was the coach of Jahangir Khan, the greatest squash player of all time who famously won an incredible 555 consecutive matches – the greatest winning streak in sporting history for any individual or team which has since had books & features made about this incredible feat.

As Jahangir’s coach & mentor, Rahmat had a large part to play in this record as well as the other titles Jahangir achieved, most notably 10 consecutive British Open titles & 6 World Championship titles.

Rahmat himself was a top professional player back in the late 70s & early 80s but decided to end his playing career early in order to coach & mentor Jahangir due to the tragic & untimely death of Jahangir's brother Torsam whilst competing in Australia.

Rahmat & Torsam were incredibly close friends & Torsan's untimely death took everyone by surprise & changed the course of squash history. in the podcast, Rahmat shares this story in great detail as Jesse delves into the mind & mental state of what made Jahangir such an icon & achieve all the success he did. Rahmat shares some of the intense & brutal training that was performed & how the motivation of playing for Torsam was a guiding force for them both turning up day in & day out & doing everything for a greater cause.

This is such a wonderfully beautiful description of a very special time in squash history ... a must listen for every squash fan.