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Have you ever felt
your performance is compromised by wearing footwear designed for multi-indoor sports and not shoes specifically developed for squash?

Have you ever felt concerned that your shoes don’t give squash-specific support and cushioning which could eventually lead to injury?

Have you ever felt frustrated that when you do find a shoe you like that its been replaced by a different model when you come to buy a new pair?

Have you ever felt confused at finding the right size and fit that best suits your natural foot shape?

By working with the world’s leading footwear designers and testing our shoes at every stage of their evolution with our growing number of professional players, we’ve sought to develop the world’s best squash shoe to allow players of all standards to perform at their best without the worry of injury.

Through the coming weeks we will share with you our journey to develop the ultimate squash shoe, from the recruitment of the world’s leading footwear designers from Sweden, through to playtesting and input from our growing number of PSA World Tour players and delivering against our promise to offer the most technically advanced specialist squash shoe that allows players of all standards and styles of play to perform to their best and avoid injury.

World Leading, Swedish Engineered Squash Shoe Design:
From the outset of this exciting project, UNSQUASHABLE have sought to work with the world’s leading footwear specialists.

Recognising the recent influence and dominance of Swedish design we sought to partner with the very best Swedish footwear designers.

Tomas Solin is an experienced Managing Director with a proven track record in all aspects of brand, marketing and sales management. Tomas has played a pivotal role throughout the entire project from conceptualisation to realisation.

Thomas Nord is recognised as arguably the leading designer of indoor footwear. Thomas has been instrumental in combining squash specific functionality and performance with timeless aesthetic appeal.

“We’re really excited to reconnect with the competitive world of squash and putting our accumulated knowledge into this beautiful UNSQUASHABLE performance squash shoe. We have taken great pride in the entire development process and are really proud of how this joint project with UNSQUASHABLE turned-out.”
Tomas Solin & Thomas Nord