Charlie Lee looks forward to the new season under the guidance of Australian squash legend David Palmer

August 10 2023

Charlie Lee, the promising talent from England, is eagerly anticipating the upcoming season, buoyed by his dedicated efforts during the off-season under the tutelage of Australian squash legend David Palmer. Following a successful 2022-23 season, where he ascended to a career-best PSA World Ranking No.46, Lee is now poised to challenge the elite top 30 players on the international squash circuit.

Charlei Lee's ascent was punctuated by a streak of triumphs, claiming consecutive PSA Challenger 10 titles in Philadelphia and Toronto earlier this year. Notably, he surged into the quarter-finals of the PSA Optasia Championships as a wildcard entrant, toppling notable adversaries including German No.1 Raphael Kandra and former World No. 1 Mohamed ElShorbagy.

A pivotal development in the journey of Charlie Lee has been his collaboration with former World No.1 and 3-time World Champion David Palmer. The partnership has flourished at Cornell University in New York, where Charlie has joined forces with fellow players Saurav Ghosal and Ramit Tandon of India. Renowned for his tenacious on-court demeanor, David Palmer's mental and physical fortitude is now becoming an integral part of Charlie Lee's game strategy.

In a candid conversation, with the Professional Squash Association (PSA), Charlie Lee reflected on his previous season, the impact of his work with David Palmer, and his ambitions for the forthcoming squash season.

Recapping the 2022-23 season, Charlie Lee shared, "The initial half presented challenges and near misses, but the momentum shifted in the latter half. Following a period of limited play in early 2023, I clinched successive titles, fostering a sense of momentum. The PSA Optasia Championships were a turning point, allowing me to assert myself in major events and breach the top 50, a longstanding aspiration that demanded substantial dedication."

Charlie Lee's breakthrough performance at the PSA Optasia Championships left an indelible mark. "The event marked a pivotal juncture for me. Notably, I secured the most significant victories of my career consecutively, a feat I believed was within my capabilities. The experience of contending in high-stakes tournaments like Hong Kong and New Zealand last year laid the foundation for embracing pressure and performing consistently at a higher level."

The influence of David Palmer on Chalie Lee's game has been palpable: "My initial experience working with David this year has been immensely rewarding. His mental and physical toughness, traits emblematic of his playing style, have profoundly impacted my approach. This summer, extensive training and rigorous on-court sessions, alongside peers, have enriched my game and instilled the confidence needed to face formidable opponents."

Looking ahead, Charlie Lee delineated his goals for the 2023/2024 squash season. "Rather than fixating solely on rankings, this season is about embracing PSA Platinum World Tour events and seizing opportunities to conquer adversaries ahead of me. Triumphing in tournaments of higher caliber and maintaining consistency stand as prime objectives. The previous season's injury-free run further reinforces my resolve to sustain optimal performance."

Charlie Lee's journey, fueled by his collaboration with David Palmer, signals a promising trajectory in the dynamic realm of squash. As he readies himself to tackle the challenges of the new season, Charlie Lee focuses on growth, consistency, and higher-level victories bodes well for his continued ascent in the sport.

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