Tinne Gilis climbs to career-high World Ranking No.10

August 10 2023

Belgium's Tinne Gilis has made an impressive stride in the latest World Squash Rankings announced by the Professional Squash Association (PSA), surging five places to secure her coveted spot in the world's top 10 - an achievement that underscores her determination and potential. After inching towards this milestone in the past year, Tinne Gilis has now firmly positioned herself among the elite.

In an exclusive interview with the Professional Squash Association (PSA), Tinne Gillis reflects on the significance of the milestone and her ambitions for the upcoming season.

Amidst a consistent squash season marked by noteworthy victories and injury challenges, Tinne Gilis achieved her resolute goal of breaking into the world's top 10. The recognition of her accomplishment was met with a mix of exhilaration and disbelief, as she realised her dream of attaining this prestigious rank.

Her consistent performances against top-tier players has showcased her competence on the competitive women's circuit, where every triumph holds significance in the fiercely contested landscape of the PSA World Tour.

A pinnacle moment from last season was Tinne Gilis winning the Squash On Fire Open in Washington D.C. The achievement held special significance as it followed her withdrawal from the PSA Cleveland Squash Classic, underscoring her resilience and ability to excel even under unexpected circumstances.

Looking ahead to the upcoming squash season, Tinne Gilis remains steadfast on reasserting her peak performance on the court. With dedicated training in Prague, guided by a skilled team including former World No.1 & World Squash Champion Gregory Gaultier, she aspires to translate her preparation into tangible success on the tournament stage. Tinne's incremental approach aligns with her aspiration to ascend further in the world rankings, with a keen eye on breaking into the world's top eight.

The squash journey to date of Tinne Gilis stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment and potential. As she prepares to embrace new challenges, her determination to transcend limits and continue her upward trajectory signals a promising path ahead.

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