Nour El Tayeb wins Women's PSA South Western Women's Open 2023

October 02 2023

Top seed and World No.8 Nour El Tayeb clinched her 14th PSA World Tour career title at the Houston Squash Club in Texas with a thrilling 42-minutes 9-11 11-7 11-5 11-5 victory over USA's top-ranked player Amanda Sobhy in the final of the 2023 Women’s South Western Squash Open 2023.

El Tayeb, who had suffered the sting of defeat as a finalist last year, narrowly losing to World No.2 Nouran Gohar, appeared resolute than ever in this year’s event.

Amanda Sobhy had enjoyed an impressive start to the new squash season, securing two semi-final berths at both Professional Squash Association (PSA) Platinum World Tour events. Adopting an assertive style reminiscent of her recent successes, strategically positioning herself near the 'T' to limit her opponents preferred angles, the American clinched the first game 10-9 after a series of gruelling and captivating rallies.

Nour El Tayeb responded by beginning to assert her own dominance in the second game and regained the upper hand against her American adversary by increasing the tempo and applying relentless pressure to level the match at one game all.

El Tayeb continued to show remarkable control over the middle of the court. The World No.8 seemingly possessed an abundance of time with the ball, skilfully manoeuvring Sobhy to all four corners of the court at a blistering pace. After establishing a lead in the third game, the Egyptian never looked back and closed-out both of the remaining games 11-5.

Professional Squash Association (PSA) Women's South Western Squash Open Presented by Cotidié 2023, Houston Squash Club, Houston, Texas, USA
[1] Nour El Tayeb (EGY) bt [2] Amanda Sobhy (USA) 9-11, 11-7, 11-5, 11-5 (42m)

Top seeds Nour El Tayeb and Amanda Sobhy advanced to the final of the Women’s South Western Squash Open 2023 in Houston, Texas with impressive wins over Salma Hany and Nada Abbas respectively.

Nour El Tayeb, the No.1 seed, continued her dominant run at the Houston Squash Club, securing a place in her second consecutive final of the Women’s South Western Squash Open. Her performance in the earlier rounds had been nothing short of impressive and she seemed keen on maintaining that form in the semifinals. Facing her Egyptian compatriot Salma Hany, El Tayeb wasted no time in asserting her dominance.

Nour El Tayeb’s determination to keep the points short and precise paid off as she raced to an early lead, taking the first game 11-5. This commanding performance suggested that she had put her unexpected early loss at the QTerminals Qatar Squash Classic firmly behind her.

However, the No.4 seed Salma Hany gradually found her rhythm in the second game. She began moving El Tayeb around the court effectively and demonstrated her prowess in the short game to take an 8-3 lead. Despite El Tayeb's efforts to narrow the gap to 10-7, Hany managed to secure the second game and level the match.

The momentum swung back in El Tayeb's favour during a somewhat disjointed third game. The Egyptian swiftly took a 5-0 lead, seemingly poised to regain control of the match. She clinched the first of five game balls to move ahead 2-1.

In the fourth game, the No.1 seed continued her trend of explosive starts to establish a 6-1 lead and appearing increasingly likely to secure a spot in the final. El Tayeb sealed her impressive display by winning the fourth game 11-3 setting up a final clash with American No.1, Amanda Sobhy.

Amanda Sobhy, the World No.5, booked her place in the 2023 Women’s South Western Squash Open final after a hard-fought battle against unseeded Egyptian Nada Abbas who had already made a statement by eliminating American seeds Olivia Clyne and Olivia Fiechter on her journey to the semifinals.

Abbas showed her skills early in the match, taking a 5-4 lead in the first game with some well-placed nicks and court movement that tested Sobhy. However, a couple of unforced errors from Abbas, combined with Sobhy's consistent and relentless length, allowed the home favourite to claim the tight opening game 11-9.

The second game saw Abbas coming out aggressively, effectively using her boasts and seizing opportunities to attack at the front of the court. Her assertiveness forced Sobhy into some uncharacteristic errors, leading to seven game balls for Abbas, who eventually levelled the match by taking the game 11-6.

In the third game, Sobhy regained her accuracy and intensified the physicality of the match. While Abbas displayed her own resilience, it wasn't enough to stop Sobhy from comfortably winning the third game 11-5.

The fourth game witnessed a shift in momentum as Abbas found her second wind to take an 8-6 lead. She secured three game balls and managed to level the match at two games apiece.

Entering uncharted territory in the fifth game, with no prior victories against Sobhy in their four previous encounters, Abbas faced an uphill battle. Sobhy continued to dominate the court, working Abbas into all corners, and swiftly raced to a 9-3 lead. After 57 minutes of intense action, Sobhy claimed the fifth game 11-3 to secure her place in the final.

The stage is now set for what promises to be a thrilling final between Nour El Tayeb and Amanda Sobhy as they vie for the prestigious 2023 PSA South Western Squash Open title.

Professional Squash Association (PSA) Women's South Western Squash Open Presented by Cotidié 2023, Houston Squash Club, Houston, Texas, USA
[2] Amanda Sobhy (USA) bt [9/16] Nada Abbas (EGY) 11-9, 6-11, 11-5, 9-11, 11-3 (58m)
[1] Nour El Tayeb (EGY) bt [4] Salma Hany (EGY) 11-5, 7-11, 11-5, 11-3 (47m)

Nour El Tayeb, Amanda Sobhy, Nada Abbas and Salma Hany have all progressed to the semi-finals of the Women's South Western Squash Open Presented by Cotidié 2023 after an action-packed day at the Houston Squash Club in Texas, USA.

[1] Nour El Tayeb (EGY) bt [7] Mélissa Alves (FRA) 11-3, 11-5, 11-8 (25m)
The top-seeded Nour El Tayeb secured her place in the semi-finals of the South Western Open with a commanding straight-game victory over France's Melissa Alves, marking her second consecutive semi-final appearance at the Houston Squash Club.

El Tayeb showcased her peak form right from the outset, limiting Alves to a mere three points in the first game while displaying her full repertoire of attacking skills. In the second game, the Egyptian continued to assert her dominance, expertly maneuvering the lanky No.7 seed into all corners of the court with pinpoint accuracy. It didn't take long for El Tayeb to double her lead, ultimately claiming the game 11-5.

In the third game, Alves managed to find a better length and began to narrow down the angles that El Tayeb could exploit. The French player repeatedly positioned herself in front of El Tayeb, dictating the pace and style of play. Despite Alves staying within striking distance on the scoreboard, El Tayeb managed to pull ahead at 10-8, needing just one opportunity to seal the match.

[4] Salma Hany (EGY) bt [6] Farida Mohamed (EGY) 11-6, 11-8, 7-11, 11-8 (61m)
Salma Hany, the fourth seed, clinched the third semi-final berth on day three of the South Western Open with a hard-fought victory over her compatriot, the sixth-seeded Farida Mohamed, in an intense all-Egyptian encounter.

Right from the outset, the match took on a scrappy tone as both players were unwavering in their determination to control the middle of the court and not cede any ground to their opponent. Hany displayed remarkable composure during pivotal moments in the first two games, securing the first game balls in both instances and asserting herself strongly to claim both games. This commanding performance allowed her to establish a crucial 2-0 lead.

Farida Mohamed, who had mounted a comeback from a 2-0 deficit in her previous match against Lucy Beecroft in the previous round, demonstrated a resurgence as she entered the third game. The younger Egyptian adjusted her game, straightening her shots and narrowing down the angles that Hany could exploit. She managed to clinch the third game 11-7, injecting renewed vitality into the contest.

The fourth game followed a similar pattern, with both players engaged in a closely contested battle. However, once again, it was Hany who held her nerve during the pivotal mid-stages of the game, surging to a 9-4 lead. Hany then earned herself four match points, ultimately converting on the second attempt to secure her place in the semi-finals.

[9/16] Nada Abbas (EGY) bt [3] Olivia Fiechter (USA) 11-6, 11-4, 11-7 (42m)
In an impressive display at the South Western Open Presented by Cotidié, World No.22 Nada Abbas put an end to her three-match losing streak against American opponents at the Houston Squash Club by defeating USA's Olivia Fiechter.

Fiechter had emerged victorious in their previous encounter last month during the second round of the Paris Squash 2023 event. However, in Houston, it was the Egyptian player who showcased her top form, securing an 11-6, 11-4, 11-7 victory.
Building on her earlier triumph over Fiechter's compatriot Olivia Clyne in the preceding round, Abbas continued to demonstrate her solid length hitting and produced precise winners at the front of the court. These skills propelled her to a well-deserved spot in the semi-finals, where she is set to face yet another American contender, No.2 seed Amanda Sobhy.

Abbas's resolute performance underscores her resurgence in form and sets the stage for an intriguing showdown in the upcoming round.

[2] Amanda Sobhy (USA) bt [8] Emily Whitlock (WAL) 11-6, 11-4, 11-2 (25m)
In a standout performance at the 2023 South Western Open, United States No.1 Amanda Sobhy secured her spot in the semi-finals with a commanding victory over World No.26 Emily Whitlock, held at the Houston Squash Club and presented by Cotidié.

Despite Whitlock having claimed victory in their previous encounter at the May's Manchester Open, where Sobhy was forced to retire due to injury midway through the second game, the American athlete delivered a clinical and dominant display in Houston. She triumphed convincingly with scores of 11-6, 11-4, 11-2, avenging her earlier defeat.

Sobhy exhibited precision in both her front and backcourt play, adopting an assertive approach and launching a relentless offensive against her opponent. While Whitlock displayed glimpses of a resurgence towards the end of the opening game, any hopes of a comeback were swiftly extinguished by Sobhy. She surged ahead with an 8-0 lead in the second game, ultimately securing a two-game advantage.

The third game witnessed Sobhy continuing to operate in the zone, with the World No.5 wrapping up the match in just 25 minutes. This victory paves the way for Sobhy to face either her compatriot Olivia Fiechter or Egypt's Nada Abbas in the upcoming semi-final clash.

Women's South Western Squash Open Presented by Cotidié 2023, Houston Squash Club, Houston, Texas, USA
[2] Amanda Sobhy (USA) bt [8] Emily Whitlock (WAL) 11-6, 11-4, 11-2 (25m)
[9/16] Nada Abbas (EGY) bt [3] Olivia Fiechter (USA) 11-6, 11-4, 11-7 (42m)
[4] Salma Hany (EGY) bt [6] Farida Mohamed (EGY) 11-6, 11-8, 7-11, 11-8 (61m)
[1] Nour El Tayeb (EGY) bt [7] Mélissa Alves (FRA) 11-3, 11-5, 11-8 (25m)

The Women’s South Western Squash Open 2023 witnessed some thrilling matches and stunning performances on the second day of the PSA World Tour Gold event being staged in Houston, setting the stage for exciting quarter-final matchups.

American No.2 seed, Amanda Sobhy, showed her prowess as she secured a berth in the quarter-finals with a commanding performance against Scotland's Georgia Adderley. The World No.5, known for her explosive starts, dominated from the outset, pressuring Adderley relentlessly. Sobhy's early lead of 9-1 in the first game culminated in an 11-2 victory in just seven minutes.

In the second game, Adderley attempted to change tactics, lengthening the rallies and limiting Sobhy's angles. Despite her efforts, Sobhy managed an important 8-5 lead, eventually securing a two-game advantage.

Adderley, however, grew into the match during the third game but faced relentless finishing shots from Sobhy with the American’s forehand flick and precision earning her a 6-3 lead. Despite some tenacious resistance from Adderley, Sobhy closed out the match with an 11-8 win in the third, wrapping up the encounter in 33 minutes.

Emily Whitlock delivered a clinical performance, ending the remarkable run of 17-year-old wildcard Riya Navani, to advance to the quarter-finals. After a gruelling five-game victory in the previous round, Navani appeared fatigued, and Whitlock capitalised. Whitlock's strategy revolved around exposing Navani's movement and finding precise line and length. She took the first game comfortably 11-5 and continued her dominance by securing the second game 11-1.

The third game witnessed a shift in momentum, with Navani improving her game and taking the lead at 6-5. However, Whitlock's experience shone through as she fought back to win three crucial points, ultimately closing out the game and the match.

Whitlock will now face the American No.2 seed, Sobhy, in a highly anticipated quarter-final clash.

Nada Abbas delivered a remarkable upset by defeating American No.5 seed Olivia Clyne 11-4 11-4 12-10. Abbas showed outstanding accuracy and control, particularly in her deep backhand play, which left Clyne struggling to cope. Abbas secured the first game through a stunning backhand boast.

The Egyptian continued her dominance in the second game, maintaining short, sharp rallies. Although Clyne attempted to vary her tactics, Abbas extended her lead with a two-game advantage.

The third game saw Clyne mount a comeback, taking a lead for the first time at 6-5 and displaying impressive shot-making. However, Abbas showed resilience, pulling the game back to 9-8 and eventually forcing a tiebreak. An expertly disguised backhand boast gave Abbas a game ball, which she seized to clinch the match in 33 minutes.

Olivia Fiechter capitalised on home support, breezing past Egypt's Sana Ibrahim in straight games. The match saw extended rallies, with Fiechter prevailing in most exchanges. The American third seed displayed patience, earning a three-point lead at 9-6 in the first game. Despite Ibrahim's resistance and a tiebreak, Fiechter secured the first game at 12-10.

The second game was a tale of two halves, with Ibrahim initially taking a 6-1 lead. Fiechter showed her determination, staging a remarkable comeback by winning eight consecutive points to close-out the game 11-7.

Fiechter continued her dominance in the third game, winning it comfortably 11-1, and thereby claiming 21 of the final 23 points in the match. Fiechter's next challenge will be Egyptian Nada Abbas in the quarter-finals.

Salma Hany demonstrated her dominance against Zeina Mickawy, securing her spot in the quarter-finals. Hany, with a 2-0 head-to-head record against Mickawy, utilised her precise length to control the match. She comfortably won the first game 11-3 in just seven minutes.

Despite Mickawy's efforts to rally back in the second game and force a tiebreak, an unforced error handed Hany the game. Hany continued her command in the third game, accelerating to a 9-5 lead before closing out the match.

Egyptian No.6 seed, Farida Mohamed, mounted a remarkable comeback from two games down to defeat World No.33 Lucy Beecroft and secure a quarter-final berth. Beecroft started strong, taking an early 6-3 lead and capitalising on some contentious refereeing decisions to frustrate Mohamed. Beecroft won the first game 12-10.

In the second game, Mohamed displayed newfound determination, staging a comeback to win 12-10 and double her lead. The third game witnessed Mohamed's best squash, as she raced to a 9-2 lead and comfortably closed it out. The fourth game was evenly contested until Mohamed surged ahead to win six consecutive points and level the match.

The deciding game saw Mohamed take control with a 6-3 lead, ultimately winning 11-6, to progress to the quarter-finals, setting up a clash with compatriot Salma Hany.

Melissa Alves faced stiff competition from Egypt's Hana Ramadan but managed to secure victory in four games. Alves, who had been battling a wrist injury, began the match strongly, winning the opening game 11-7.

Ramadan fought back in the second game, displaying her attacking prowess and control of the court. She held two game balls at 10-8, but Alves rallied to force a tiebreak and eventually took the game 12-10.

The third game remained closely contested, with Ramadan staying strong and forcing a tiebreak, which she won. However, Alves returned in the fourth game with a renewed sense of purpose, dominating the court with powerful shots and earning three match balls at 10-7. She sealed her place in the quarters at the first opportunity.

In the top seed clash, Nour El Tayeb wasted no time in defeating South Africa's Alexandra Fuller, wrapping up the match in a mere 18 minutes. Nour El Tayeb's superior court coverage and deceptive shots left Fuller struggling to find answers as the Egyptian comfortably secured a three-game victory to book her spot in the quarter-finals where she will face Melissa Alves.

Women's South Western Squash Open Presented by Cotidié 2023, Houston Squash Club, Houston, Texas, USA
2nd Round:
[2] Amanda Sobhy (USA) bt Georgia Adderley (SCO) 11-2, 11-6, 11-8 (33m)
[8] Emily Whitlock (WAL) bt [WC] Riya Navani (USA) 11-5, 11-1, 11-8 (29m)
[9/16] Nada Abbas (EGY) bt [5] Olivia Clyne (USA) 11-4, 11-4, 12-10 (33m)
[3] Olivia Fiechter (USA) bt [9/16] Sana Ibrahim (EGY) 12-10, 11-7, 11-1 (38m)
[4] Salma Hany (EGY) bt [9/16] Zeina Mickawy (EGY) 11-3, 12-10, 11-6 (34m)
[6] Farida Mohamed (EGY) bt [9/16] Lucy Beecroft (ENG) 6-11, 10-12, 11-6, 11-6, 11-6 (51m)
[7] Mélissa Alves (FRA) bt [9/16] Hana Ramadan (EGY) 11-7, 12-10, 9-11, 11-7 (49m)
[1] Nour El Tayeb (EGY) bt [9/16] Alexandra Fuller (RSA) 11-4, 11-5, 11-4 (18m)

The opening day of the PSA South Western Squash Open 2023 presented by Cotidié saw 17-year-old wildcard entry Riya Navani from the United States orchestrate a monumental upset against Nour Aboulmakarim of Egypt.

Navani defied all odds by overcoming a staggering 68-place ranking deficit to topple the 45th-ranked player in the world to secure her place in the second round of the Professional Squash Association (PSA) PSA World Tour Gold event.

Navani displayed remarkable fearlessness throughout the opening two games, capitalising on a somewhat nervous-looking Aboulmakarim with her impeccable boasts, skilfully luring the Egyptian into both front corners and following up with strong finishes. Her dominance allowed Navani to establish a commanding 2-0 lead. However, the higher-seeded Egyptian mounted a comeback in the subsequent games, eventually forcing a dramatic fifth game, offering herself a glimmer of hope to avoid an early exit.

The deciding game remained hotly contested, but it was the 17-year-old wildcard Navani who demonstrated exceptional composure during crucial moments, clinching the game 11-7. Her victory came after a gruelling five-game battle, marking her first-ever entry into the second round. A remarkable achievement indeed.

In the tournament's inaugural match, Scotland's top-ranked player, Georgia Adderley, faced off against Egypt's Jana Shiha. Despite a slow start that saw Shiha take the first game 11-8, Adderley displayed tenacity, mounting a comeback in the second game. The World No.49 adopted a strategy of longer rallies and forced errors from her opponent, eventually clinching the game 12-10 after a tiebreak.

Georgia Adderley carried her momentum into the third game, swiftly amassing a four-point lead. She continued to dictate the tempo, placing immense pressure on her Egyptian counterpart, and comfortably securing the game 11-6. Adderley then pulled off a remarkable upset by defeating the World No.39 with three match balls to spare.

Nada Abbas of Egypt showed her dominance by dispatching Latvia's top player, Ineta Mackevica in straight games. Nada Abbas leveraged her impeccable squash skills and front-court prowess to seize the initiative, comfortably winning the first game. She continued her relentless performance, delivering a resounding 11-0 victory in the second game, and ultimately triumphed 11-5 in the third, securing her place in the second round where she will face the 5th seed, Olivia Clyne.

Sana Ibrahim, the 37th-ranked player in the world from Egypt, demonstrated her prowess by defeating Finland's top player, Emilia Soini, in straight games. Ibrahim controlled the first game, winning 11-4, and maintained her dominance in the second, closing it out in just over five minutes. While Soini briefly challenged in the third game, Ibrahim regained control and emerged victorious with an 11-3 scoreline. She now advances to face the 3rd seed, Olivia Fiechter, in the second round.

Egypt's Zeina Mickawy secured her first win of the season by defeating England's Grace Gear. The first game saw both players evenly matched, with Mickawy edging ahead to win 11-9. Gear fought back in the second game, displaying a versatile style of play and securing it 11-6. However, the third game proved to be a nail-biter, with both players neck-and-neck and a tiebreak needed to decide the outcome. Mickawy ultimately prevailed 14-12, clinching the match 3-1. She is now set to face the 4th seed, Salma Hany, in the second round.

English player Lucy Beecroft delivered a commanding performance, defeating compatriot Millie Tomlinson in straight games. Beecroft's dominance was evident as she secured the first game with ease, winning 11-5. She continued to control the rallies and forced Tomlinson into difficult positions, ultimately winning the second game 11-7. Beecroft then concluded her impressive showing with an 11-2 victory in the third game, setting up a second-round encounter with Egypt's Farida Mohamed.

Egypt's Hana Ramadan maintained her undefeated record against Canada's Nicole Bunyan, extending her dominance with a 3-0 victory. Although Bunyan put up a competitive fight in the first game, Ramadan seized the critical moments and secured it 11-9. Ramadan proceeded to dominate the next two games, winning them 11-2 and 11-3, respectively, earning herself a place in the second round.

Finally, South Africa's Alexandra Fuller closed out the day with a convincing win over Switzerland's Cindy Merlo. Fuller maintained complete control throughout the match, utilizing precise shots to set up numerous attacking opportunities. She won all three games decisively, securing her spot in the second round, where she will face top seed Nour El Tayeb.

Professional Squash Association (PSA) Women's South Western Open presented by Cotidié 2023, Houston Squash Club, Houston, Texas, USA
1st Round:

[2] Amanda Sobhy (USA) bye
Georgia Adderley (SCO) bt [9/16] Jana Shiha (EGY) 8-11, 12-10, 11-6, 11-7 (44m)
[WC] Riya Navani (USA) bt [9/16] Nour Aboulmakarim (EGY) 11-7, 11-5, 9-11, 7-11, 11-7 (51m)
[8] Emily Whitlock (WAL) bye
[5] Olivia Clyne (USA) bye
[9/16] Nada Abbas (EGY) bt Ineta Mackevica (LAT) 11-5, 11-0, 11-5 (20m)
[9/16] Sana Ibrahim (EGY) bt Emilia Soini (FIN) 11-4, 11-3, 11-3 (24m)
[3] Olivia Fiechter (USA) bye
[4] Salma Hany (EGY) bye
[9/16] Zeina Mickawy (EGY) bt Grace Gear (ENG) 11-9, 6-11, 14-12, 11-9 (47m)
[9/16] Lucy Beecroft (ENG) bt Millie Tomlinson (ENG) 11-5, 11-7, 11-2 (24m)
[6] Farida Mohamed (EGY) bye
[7] Mélissa Alves (FRA) bye
[9/16] Hana Ramadan (EGY) bt Nicole Bunyan (CAN) 11-9, 11-2, 11-3 (26m)
[9/16] Alexandra Fuller (RSA) bt Cindy Merlo (SUI) 11-6, 11-5, 11-3 (18m)
[1] Nour El Tayeb (EGY) bye

The 2023 South Western Women’s Squash Open Presented by Cotidié starts today at the Houston Squash Club in Texas, USA.

In its second edition on the Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Tour, the South Western Women’s Open welcomes a big-name lineup of squash talent, although World No.2 Nouran Gohar of Egypt who claimed victory last year, was regrettably forced to withdraw due to injury. Stepping into the spotlight as the headline act for this PSA World Tour Gold event is World No.8 Nour El Tayeb, who seeks to add a 14th PSA World Tour title to her illustrious career. El Tayeb, who finished as the runner-up in 2022, is determined to clinch the championship this time.

Joining her in the tournament draw is the formidable US No.1, Amanda Sobhy, who faced El Tayeb in the semi-finals of the 2022 event and will be looking for redemption after that encounter. Sobhy has shown impressive form with consecutive finals appearances in the QTerminals Qatar Squash Classic and the Paris Squash 2023 event earlier this season.

Among the contenders vying for the coveted title is US No.2 Olivia Fiechter, who reached the quarter-finals in 2022 and has her sights set on securing her most significant title to date. Egypt’s World No.11 Salma Hany enters the competition as the fourth seed, displaying promise with a recent quarter-final finish in Qatar, indicating a resurgence in form reminiscent of her top-10 world ranking last year.

The stage is set for an intriguing showdown as Salma Hany is seeded to potentially face Nour El Tayeb in the semi-finals, while Amanda Sobhy and Olivia Fiechter are projected to collide in an all-American clash in the last four.

The 2023 South Western Women’s Squash Open will feature 24 of the best female squash players in the world who will be competing for a total prize purse of $110,000.

World No.2 Nouran Gohar has been forced to withdraw from the PSA South Western Women's Open 2023, thereby relinquishing her chance to defend her Houston title scheduled for the 27th September to 1st October.

In her absence, fellow Egyptian Nour El Tayeb will ascend to the No.1 seeding, spurred by a disappointing premature exit at the recent QTerminals Qatar Squash Classic in Doha. Tayeb is now poised to rectify her performance in the inaugural women's PSA World Tour Gold event of the season. Her second-round opposition will be the winner over Alexandra Fuller and the late entrant Cindy Merlo.

Meanwhile, USA's Amanda Sobhy climbs to the position of No.2 seed, nursing ambitions of clinching her 21st PSA World Tour career title in the heart of Texas. Her entry into the tournament comes with a bye in the first round, setting her up for a showdown in the second round against either Jana Shiha or Georgia Adderley.

Egypt's Salma Hany is another beneficiary of the reshuffling, securing a coveted top-four seeding position. As for Wales' Emily Whitlock, she now finds herself among the top eight seeds, courtesy of a first-round bye. Whitlock's second-round opponent will emerge from the contest between Nour Aboulmakarim and wildcard Raya Navani.

In an unexpected twist, the withdrawal of France's Marie Stephan paves the way for England's Millie Tomlinson to enter the fray. Tomlinson's 1st round match will be against compatriot Lucy Beecroft.

The 2022 South Western Women's Squash Open, held at the Houston Squash Club in Texas, witnessed Nouran Gohar triumph over fellow Egyptian Nour El Tayeb who will head the draw of this years event and who will faces challenges from several formidable contenders, including America's Amanda Sobhy and Olivia Fiechter seeded at No.2 and No.3, respectively.

The first round of last years 2022 South Western Women's Squash Open saw Hong Kong's Ka Yi Lee create the only major upset by defeating her compatriot Tomato Ho in a grueling five-game clash to secure a spot in the last-16 and setting up a showdown against No.1 seed Nouran Gohar.

Egyptian quartet Hana Ramadan, Nadine Shahin, Mariam Metwally, and Sana Ibrahim all notched victories, with Sana Ibrahim mounting a remarkable comeback from two games down to defeat USA's Haley Mendez. In an all-English affair, Jasmine Hutton emerged victorious over Lucy Beecroft, while the home crowd cheered on as the USA's Sabrina Sobhy claimed victory against Emilia Soini.

The second round witnessed the entry of the top-seeded players, and all eight of the highest-ranked women advanced smoothly to the quarter-finals. Notably, Nouran Gohar displayed her dominance, dispatching Ka Yi Lee in a swift encounter lasting just under 20 minutes. The No.2 seed Amanda Sobhy, Egypt's Nour El Tayeb, No.4 seed Georgina Kennedy, and the USA's Olivia Fiechter all sailed through their matches in straight games.

In the quarter-finals, home favourite Amanda Sobhy bounced back from a first-game loss against the formidable Egyptian 5th seed Salma Hany. Sobhy displayed composure and precision, winning the next three games convincingly to secure her spot in the semi-finals in just 42 minutes.

The quarter-finals also saw Nouran Gohar defeating USA's Olivia Fiechter in straight games and No.3 seed Rowan Elaraby triumphing over Wales' Emily Whitlock in just 37 minutes. Nour El Tayeb advanced to the last four after England's Georgina Kennedy withdrew due to injury, marking a brief 16-minute appearance on court.

In a highly anticipated semi-final, World No.8 Nour El Tayeb overcame No.2 seed Amanda Sobhy in a hard-fought battle. El Tayeb, well-rested from her short quarter-final match, displayed sharpness and focus throughout the encounter. The match thrilled spectators as both players showed their skills, with Nour El Tayeb ultimately securing her spot in the final after 63 minutes of intense squash.

The second semi-final saw top-seeded Nouran Gohar advancing to the final, but not without a spirited challenge from compatriot Rowan Elaraby. Known as 'The Terminator,' Nouran Gohar faced early pressure from Elaraby but managed to rally back and secure her 33rd PSA World Tour final appearance.

The final between Nouran Gohar and Nour El Tayeb kicked off with high-quality play, with El Tayeb's finesse countered by Gohar's power.

Despite a closely fought opener where El Tayeb saved a game point, Gohar edged it 12-10. Gohar's relentless pressure continued to trouble El Tayeb, resulting in her winning the second game more convincingly. The match however remained intense, but Gohar's stamina proved decisive as she clinched the third game and secured the PSA World Tour Gold event title, the first of her impressive 2022-23 squash season campaign.