Hania El Hammamy reflects on her 2022/23 season: a journey of challenges & growth

July 26 2023

Egyptian squash sensation Hania El Hammamy has concluded a season filled with highs and a few setbacks. Securing her position as World No.3 at both the start and end of the season, she also briefly held the coveted World No.2 spot after triumphant victories at the Egyptian Squash Open and Hong Kong Squash Open, where she defeated the formidable Nouran Gohar and Nour El Sherbini.

In an exclusive interview with the Professional Squash Association (PSA), Hania El Hammamy shared her thoughts on the season, expressing satisfaction with her two new career titles but also acknowledging a desire for more consistent performances at the highest level PSA World Tour events. While she refrained from labeling the season as negative, she admitted hoping for better results.

Learning from past mistakes, Hania El Hammamy spoke candidly about the pressure she once placed on herself as a defending champion, and how she's now focused on maintaining her points and minimising external distractions. Despite facing personal challenges off the court, she chose not to make excuses and is determined to progress for the upcoming season.

Reflecting on her head-to-head records, El Hammamy expressed pride in her successful encounters with Nour El Sherbini, a seven-time World Champion. However, she acknowledged needing to work on improving her record against Nouran Gohar, though she remains confident in her abilities to achieve a balanced rivalry.

Discussing her wins against both Nour El Sherbini and Nouran Gohar at the Egyptian Open, El Hammamy revealed that the experience boosted her confidence, briefly elevating her to World No.2. However, she admitted learning the importance of patience and maintaining the right mental approach throughout the season.

Hania El Hammamy discussed the physicality of matches against Gohar and how it can impact both players' subsequent performances. She aspires to improve her game to win in a less demanding and more efficient manner.

On the tension during matches with Gohar, El Hammamy addressed her concerns about uncomfortable movements and the impact of interference calls. She acknowledged the need for referees to be aware of these issues to ensure fair play.

With admiration for Nour El Sherbini's game, El Hammamy acknowledged the challenges of facing her. She anticipates a new level of physicality in future matches against El Sherbini due to her improvements in that area.

Regarding rising star Amina Orfi, who gave her a tough fight at the PSA World Championships, El Hammamy expressed admiration for Orfi's fearlessness and expects her to become a force in the sport as she matures.

Hania El Hammamy noted her losses to the Sobhy sisters and expressed a desire for a rematch, particularly with Sabrina, to address previous defeats.

Reflecting on her favorite moments of the season, she cherishes the wins at the CIB Egyptian Squash Open and Hong Kong Squash Open for different reasons - playing in front of home fans in Egypt and the impressive level of performance she displayed in Hong Kong.

Looking ahead to the off-season, El Hammamy plans to rest, reflect on her season, address injuries, and fine-tune her physicality to avoid setbacks. She commended her coach, Omar Abdel Aziz, for their fruitful collaboration and aims for greater consistency in her game.

When asked about her goals for the coming season, El Hammamy hesitated to reveal them but acknowledged her disappointment with some choices made during the current season. Emphasising the importance of the learning process, she is determined to use this season's challenges to fuel her growth as a player.

In summary, Hania El Hammamy's season has been marked by victories, introspection, and a keen desire for improvement. With a focus on honing her skills and mental resilience, she's poised to come back stronger in the coming year, setting her sights on reaching new heights in her squash career.

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