US Squash to host 2024 WSF World Junior Squash Championships

April 02 2024

The World Squash Federation (WSF) have announced that a record 46 teams will compete at this year’s WSF World Junior Team Championships to be staged at Houston Squash Club in the USA from the 12th to 23rd July.

Houston is set to host a landmark event, with a record-breaking 46 teams confirmed to compete in this year's WSF World Junior Team Championships.

National federation squads comprising four players under the age of 19 will compete in men's and womens' team events. The format dictates that the first team to secure two victories clinches the tie, adding an element of intensity and strategy to each encounter.

2024 will mark a significant milestone as both the men's and women's team events will be staged alongside each other for the first time in the championship's history. With 27 countries competing in the men's category, a figure that places this edition amongst the top five in terms of participation, expectations are high for a fiercely competitive spectacle.

Similarly, the women's event boasts 19 formidable teams, establishing itself as the second-largest gathering since the 2005 championships. Noteworthy is the presence of 16 federations fielding both men's and women's teams, underscoring the global appeal and inclusivity of this premier junior squash event. Among these federations are stalwarts like the defending men's champions, England, and the reigning women's champions, Egypt, along with the host nation, the United States.

Excitement is further heightened by the debut appearances of the Philippines and Macau, China, who will be fielding men's teams for the very first time. Their participation adds a fresh dynamic to the competition, showcasing the sport's expanding reach and appeal on a global scale.

With anticipation building and the stage set for an electrifying showcase of youthful talent, all eyes will be on Houston as the world's top junior squash players converge to etch their names into the annals of sporting history.
Entry list: 2024 WSF World Junior Team Championships
Australia (Both)
Brazil (Both)
Canada (Both)
Chinese Taipei (Both)
Colombia (Both)
Czech Republic (Men’s)
Egypt (Both)
England (Both)
France (Both)
Germany (Both)
Guyana (Men’s)
Hong Kong, China (Both)
India (Both)
Ireland (Both)
Japan (Both)
Korea (Men’s)
Kuwait (Men’s)
Macau, China (Men’s)
Malaysia (Both)
New Zealand (Both)
Pakistan (Both)
Philippines (Men’s)
Scotland (Women’s)
South Africa (Both)
Spain (Men’s)
Sweden (Men’s)
Switzerland (Men’s)
USA (Both)

In a significant development for the world of squash, the World Squash Federation (WSF) Board has awarded the prestigious opportunity to host the 2024 WSF World Junior Squash Championships to US Squash. This highly anticipated event is scheduled to take place in the vibrant city of Houston, Texas, from the 12th to 23rd July.

The 2024 WSF World Junior Squash Championships will feature both men's and women's junior individual tournaments and will be staged at Houston Squash Club which has earned recognition as the venue for Houston Squash Open, an established Gold event on the PSA World Squash Tour.

What sets the 2024 WSF World Junior Squash Championships apart is that for the first time in the events storied history, it will witness the simultaneous hosting of the men's and women's junior team championships. This promising development promises to add an extra layer of excitement to an already thrilling tournament.

Reflecting on the previous edition, held in Melbourne, Australia in 2023, we saw the emergence of Egyptian sensation Amina Orfi, who clinched her second consecutive women's individual title. Notably, Pakistan's Hamza Khan made history by becoming the first champion from his country since the legendary Jansher Khan's victory in 1986.

Egypt continued their dominance by securing their tenth WSF Women's World Junior Team Championship title and an impressive eighth consecutive win.

The staging of 2024 WSF World Junior Squash Championships marks a significant moment for US Squash, as it is the first time since 2011 that they have been entrusted with hosting responsibilities. The 2011 event, held in Boston, Massachusetts, witnessed the rise of Amanda Sobhy, the 2010 individual junior world squash champion, leading the women's team to a commendable runner-up finish, narrowly trailing behind Egypt.