internationalSPORTgroup targets UNSQUASHABLE global expansion

October 30 2023

internationalSPORTgroup, a recognised leader in the squash industry, has unveiled its ambitious plans to propel the growth and accessibility of squash on a global scale. Under the guidance of Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Paul Walters, the company intends to expand its operations and influence through its premium squash brand, UNSQUASHABLE.

Renowned for innovation and quality within the squash marketing sphere, internationalSPORTgroup has effectively used its expertise to promote and support the game of squash. Through strategic marketing initiatives and promotional campaigns, the company has steadily worked towards elevating the profile of squash.

The expansion agenda for UNSQUASHABLE, to be executed in 2024, involves breaking into new international markets, which is expected to further cement the company's commitment to the growth of squash. This development comes amid increasing interest in the sport and a wider acceptance of its benefits in fostering an active lifestyle among a diverse and active demographic.

In alignment with their expansion efforts, internationalSPORTgroup will be launching an array of new products, meticulously designed to meet the needs of both amateur and professional squash players. These offerings aim to set a new benchmark in performance and design, affirming the company's dedication to innovation.

The digital transformation of International Squash Magazine, an internationalSPORTgroup property, will be instrumental in extending the reach of squash content. By transitioning to a digital format, the magazine has successfully adapted to the dynamic media consumption trends, providing updated, engaging content that resonates with enthusiasts, players, and general squash consumers alike.

Recognising the role of technology and seamless information access in today's squash environment, internationalSPORTgroup have embraced digital media strategies which exemplifies their adaptive and forward-thinking approach. This shift has not only garnered a growing international readership but has also ensured that the company remains at the forefront of digital engagement within the squash community.

A sustained trajectory of fostering the development and appreciation of squash, coupled with its expansion plans for UNSQUASHABLE and product innovation, signifies a new chapter in the company's history and a reinvigorated commitment to promoting active and healthy lifestyles through sports.