UNSQUASHABLE: if history is an indication, you’re looking at the future

January 02 2021

In the international market it is the values of the brand which have become crucial to a brand’s success.

The time has passed when technical advantages alone can sell a product. It is the attitudes to a brand & the emotional & non-material values associated with it that create consumer demand & sales. The battle among brands is for positions of strength in the eyes of the consumer. This is the field on which companies must fight it out. Consumers don’t simply buy products, they buy attitudes.

UNSQUASHABLE is a true international brand; our consumers are genuinely global, becoming more homogenous & unified by common interests, trends & technologies.

So, the more global harmony there is between the market’s view of UNSQUASHABLE & the brand‘s view of itself, the stronger the brand’s personality.

Only an organisation which wants the same things & moves in the same direction will be able to differentiate its Brand.

We, UNSQUASHABLE, need to be consistent in; the way we see ourselves; the way we would like to be seen; the way we are seen by others. A consistent Brand contains security & credibility for the consumer & supplies a “reason why” for the workforce.

Before we look at UNSQUASHABLE going forward, it is important to see where we have come from & what have been its defining moments.

UNSQUASHABLE has been one of the most successful squash brands, used by Jahangir Khan through his record-breaking career.

Our products are #1 in the world & our manufacturing & R&D facilities are world leading.

UNSQUASHABLE has an impressive heritage on which to build & match our glorious past.

We plan to rejuvenate UNSQUASHABLE so it becomes as relevant in the 21st century as it was in the 20th century.

Brand Mission:
To inspire a new generation of committed young squash players.
To achieve this we need to capture the passion, emotion & inner strength of squash by demonstrating a real understanding of what motivates squash players.
No other brand tries as hard to understand their needs.
Perception is everything.

UNSQUASHABLE is an aspirational brand, with fantastic R&D facilities that produces quality sports products.

Passionate, Emotional & Committed:
Bringing to life our original UNSQUASHABLE strategy of ‘digging deep’ & empathising with those character defining moments of adversity; when you come back from the brink of failure & fight back.
It also emphasises our product virtues - to develop equipment that you can rely on to perform under pressure & respond to all the demands of the dedicated squash player. Tested to physical, mental & emotional extremes.

UNSQUASHABLE is personified by our players & the products they use – we choose them because they symbolise the brand characteristics of being competitive & combative with the character to ‘dig deep’ when it really matters.

A UNSQUASHABLE player is truly ‘made of the right stuff’.

When promoting UNSQUASHABLE our primary emphasis is our Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Tour Players & their link to our Brand Values. Secondly our products & the link to our Brand Characteristics.

Brand Target Audience: a new generation of committed younger squash players.

Brand Benefit: UNSQUASHABLE is the perfect partner, we help you dig deep when it really matters.

Brand Support: UNSQUASHABLE truly understands squash players & what drives them. Tested to physical, mental & emotional extremes.

Brand Character: Passionate, Emotional & Committed.

Brand Proposition: #beinspired ‘made of the right stuff’.

Consumer insight is the driver of our core business processes. Putting the consumer at the heart of UNSQUASHABLE will create a consumer driven culture.

We have been developing consumer insights by creating a dialogue with a cross-section of squash players; covering lifestyle, brand, influences & preferences. We have also observed their playing habits (in terms of style, attitude, & equipment) & their buying habits & needs. All to improve our understanding of the needs of our consumer.

Our direct customer is the squash player. Consumer insight drives innovation & innovation propels growth

UNSQUASHABLE must present a unified picture to the world. For UNSQUASHABLE with such a fantastic heritage it is important the consumer sees a consistent image.

All advertising should emphasise UNSQUASHABLE empathy & understanding of the true emotion of squash. The emphasis of the communication should be split roughly 80% Brand & 20% product. The general tone of voice of the headline & body copy should always be in line with the brand equity. Advertising should emphasise how the product benefits enables players to “dig deep” when they need it most.

Headlines should feature emotive, evocative & thought-provoking words & phrases which best describe the ability to & the moment of digging deep.

Consistency for the brand will be driven by adopting the same style, attitude & brand ‘tone of voice’ when implementing our brand message to strengthen our affinity with our core target audience.

A brand which has no direction & is being continually re-routed from its path becomes weak & vulnerable, wandering aimlessly through misinterpretation & mis-direction.

UNSQUASHABLE is a truly international brand with a great heritage of squash innovation & achievement.

UNSQUASHABLE is the perfect partner, we can help you dig deep when it really matters.

UNSQUASHABLE truly understands squash players & what drives them. Tested to physical, mental & emotional extremes. Passionate, Emotional & Committed. A new generation of committed younger squash players. Must be surprising, distinctive & memorable.

UNSQUASHABLE is travelling in a controlled & directed path which has unity & clarity.

UNSQUASHABLE: if history is an indication, you’re looking at the future.