Moustafa Elsirty recognised by the PSA as one of the best Breakthrough Performers of the season

July 13 2022

Moustafa Elsirty joined #teamunsquashable in January 2021 & following seven PSA World titles in the 2021/22 season has been recognised by the Professional Squash Association as one of the best ‘Breakthrough Performers’.

The 2021/2022 season has seen over than 120 different tournament winners, with several players winning multiple titles, but none more than Moustafa Elsirty who proved himself to be the most successful player over the past season by rising over 50 places to sit inside the top 30 of the PSA World Rankings & going on to be acknowledged as one of the forces of the upcoming decade.

Career-High PSA World Ranking: No.28
PSA World Ranking Rise: 52 places (from No.80)
2021-2022 PSA World Tour Titles:
CIB Egyptian Challenger Tour 2, Madeira International, Heroes Graz Open, CAS – Serena Hotels/Combaxx International Squash Championships, 15th CNS International Squash Championship, Capra Baerum Open, CIB Egyptian Challenger Tour 5
Men’s Challenger Tour Player of the Month in September & November
Men’s Challenger Tour Player of the Year 2021-2022

Moustafa Elsirty started the 2021-2022 season by winning three of his first four tournaments across three different countries. Following his success at the CIB Egyptian Challenger Tour 2 in Cairo, Moustafa won the Madeira International in Portugal followed by the Heroes Graz Open in Austria.

In the final six weeks of 2021, Moustafa Elsirty collected four PSA World Tour titles, winning twice in Pakistan at the CAS – Serena Hotels/Combaxx International Squash Championships in Islamabad & the 15th CNS International Squash Championship Karachi, before claiming victories at the Capra Baerum Open in Norway & CIB Egyptian Challenger Tour 5 in Cairo to make it seven victories in the space of five months.

Following the turn of the year, Moustafa has contested several major events, reaching the second round of the Allam British Open in England, the El Gouna International in Egypt & J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions in New York, enroute to claiming to career-high No.28 in the PSA World Rankings.

At the Professional Squash Association’s Annual Awards staged alongside the PSA World Series Finals in June, Moustafa Elsirty was voted PSA Men’s Challenger Tour Player of the Year, with votes from squash enthusiasts from around the world combined with those made by the PSA Awards Committee – a group consisting of selected influential former players, members of the media & PSA Board representatives.

The prestigious award was given to Moustafa Elsirty in recognition as being the player who best demonstrated supreme athletic performance & achievement during the season.

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